The Lazy Girl's Butt Blaster Workout

Oh hey!! Paige here to share a little update on my workout routine! I've been working hard (for me) on my glutes and am starting to see a big difference! Yay! My workouts haven't been too crazy or hard (hence the blog title), but I AM starting to see results so I wanted to share what I've been doing with you guys 3 times a week! Read to the bottom for a (short) video :)

A couple months ago when we were in California (as you probably know from our Instagram overload) and I had this HORID pic taken of me from the back (insert crying emoji here). Yep, thats me. The heifer in the middle! Haha jk. Sort of. 

ANYWAYS, after many hours researching how to get rid of cottage and finding out that there's really no quick fix out there (and I can't afford to try all these crazy treatments that claim to work) I decided to kick my booty into gear and get to WORK! But, I'm kind of lazy. So, for me that meant just doing like two of the best booty/leg workouts I know 3x a week ;) lol

This is not some random workout I put together to post about, or some scientifically proven cottage cheese blaster, IT'S WHAT I'VE ACTUALLY BEEN DOING. RELIGIOUSLY for about a month now. And it's working! 

As I mentioned in our Instagram, I've also been pretty good about eating healthy, and have been using recipes from my friend Carli's meal plan, along with some of our own. We'll be doing a giveaway soon for her meal plan on Insta so stay tuned! I've also been trying to take MJ on walks everyday around our neighborhood to get my cardio in, but guys, nothing is going to blast fat or burn more calories than WEIGHTS so...

Here's the Workout:


1. 10 weighted bench step overs - each leg

2. 10 weighted one legged deadlifts - each leg

Repeat 3x


1. 10 weighted lunges

2. 10 weighted reverse lunges

3. 10 weighted suitcase squats

Repeat 3x


1. 10 weighted step ups - each leg

2. 10 crossover lunges - each leg

Repeat 3x

Below is a little video tutorial of how to do each of these moves! My outfit in the video and top picture is from Albion Fit, and my bikini is 50% off and linked at the bottom of this post! :)

Happy booty busting!

Bikini: TOP | BOTTOM

Sidney's At Home 10 Minute Ab Workout

First off, new workout clothes calls for a new workout post! How cute are these new sports bras we each just got from Public Myth!? Regan's pants are from there as well! They have awesome stuff for great deals. Check out their website! 

Sports brasPants

Below is Sidney's killer at home 10 minute ab workout. In her words "this workout will probably be way too hard for normal people" (she's obviously super humble ;) so you can also cut everything in half and do it in 5 minutes if you want! Don't feel bad if you do either. Sometimes we swear Sidney is not human!

10 minute Ab Workout:

2 minutes: Plank

2 minutes: Cherry Pickers

2 minutes: Slow Bicycles

2 minutes: Kick Outs

1 minute: Left Side Plank 

1 minute: Right Side Plank

To cut it in half, just do the first four for 1 minute and the last 2 for 30 seconds each! Here is a video of the entire workout:

Workout Essentials

Hey guys! We wanted to share a little goodness today and show you an awesome new full body workout we've been doing. Our cousin Trevor, who plays for the NY Jets and learned the workout from his trainer, recently showed it to us and we love it! It's quick, easy, and perfect if you're on the go :)

We're also sharing some basic workout essentials we can't live without! Our must-haves are listed below. And YES they are in order of importance ;)

1. A cute workout outfit…of course.

A good outfit somehow always gives us the motivation to get our workout on. There's just something about knowing you have a cute (preferably new) workout outfit waiting for you that get's us into the gym. These pants and tank tops are from Honey badger Housewife and we love them!

2. A quality pair of headphones or earbuds.

You guys HAVE to check out JLab Audio. Paige's white & gold earbuds are so so comfortable, and stay in amazingly well, and Regan's bluetooth headphones are seriously incredible. Listening to some good tunes during a workout is most definitely a priority for us. Which brings us to our next essential...

3. Go to workout jams. Here are our top 5. If you don't have these on your list, add them. Trust us!

-Runaway (U & I) by Galantis

-Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix Radio Edit) by Omi

-Hey Mama (feat. Nicki Minaj & Afrojack) by David Guetta

-The Nights by Avicii

-Finally by Mr Belt & Wezol

4. Energy!

These little Energy Orbz give us just the caffeine boost we need to make it through our workout. Stay tuned on Instagram for a giveaway coming soon! You have to try these babies!

5. A good hair tie that does the job but won't damage your hair!

We recently discovered The Koil hair ties. They seriously make such a difference in the hold and comfort they give compared to regular elastic hair ties. 

6. Dumbbells. You can use these for so many great workouts that are quick right from home! Our new favorite is the one shown below!

Turkish Get up

This is the exercise we mentioned earlier that our cousin Trevor taught us. We like this it because it's quick, and we can get our entire workout done in one shot ;) Look up Turkish Get up on YouTube for a better idea of how to do this. Do 10 reps on each side holding a weight. 

More workouts coming soon! Our third sister, the fitness guru, comes home from her mission in just 2 weeks!

Quick Killer Ab Workout

Our Long Hair Don't Care hoodies are our FAVORITE! They are so so soft and comfy. You can find them here

When it comes to working out, we are definitely not the poster children for how often we should be going to the gym (that's where Sidney fits in to this blog).

However, when we do go, we ALWAYS do this quick killer ab workout as a warm up, and every time, without fail, we wake up sore the next morning.

It's quick, and it works. 

Here's a short (and cheesy) video to show you how to do it. 

Our video skills are wayy below average, so please don't judge ;) That's another area where Sid will come in handy with her videography skillzzz.

Thanks for reading! We'd love to hear about YOUR favorite go-to gym routines. Tell us in the comments below :)