Sidney's At Home 10 Minute Ab Workout

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Below is Sidney's killer at home 10 minute ab workout. In her words "this workout will probably be way too hard for normal people" (she's obviously super humble ;) so you can also cut everything in half and do it in 5 minutes if you want! Don't feel bad if you do either. Sometimes we swear Sidney is not human!

10 minute Ab Workout:

2 minutes: Plank

2 minutes: Cherry Pickers

2 minutes: Slow Bicycles

2 minutes: Kick Outs

1 minute: Left Side Plank 

1 minute: Right Side Plank

To cut it in half, just do the first four for 1 minute and the last 2 for 30 seconds each! Here is a video of the entire workout:

Quick Killer Ab Workout

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When it comes to working out, we are definitely not the poster children for how often we should be going to the gym (that's where Sidney fits in to this blog).

However, when we do go, we ALWAYS do this quick killer ab workout as a warm up, and every time, without fail, we wake up sore the next morning.

It's quick, and it works. 

Here's a short (and cheesy) video to show you how to do it. 

Our video skills are wayy below average, so please don't judge ;) That's another area where Sid will come in handy with her videography skillzzz.

Thanks for reading! We'd love to hear about YOUR favorite go-to gym routines. Tell us in the comments below :)