2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Below are my (Paige) picks for the sale this year! Can you tell I’m a mom of two now?? It’s mostly active and loungewear haha. I love a good matching set to make me feel more put together when I don’t actually get ready!

One Tee, Three Ways

Quick post sharing one of my new favorite tees, and my three favorite ways to wear it! I’m also linking a few other oversized tees that I’m loving right now at the bottom of the post.

  1. Tucked in with jeans.

You KNOW we live for a good basic tee. This is my go-to, everyday outfit. A tee either tied in a knot, or front tucked into some high-waisted denim. You can’t go wrong and it’s so easy!

One Tee Three Ways | Salty Blondes

2. Tied over a dress.

How have I not been doing this for years?! I think I’ll be wearing basic dresses & tees every single day this summer. SO much cooler (temperature wise, haha) than jeans and so comfortable! Plus, you can find them for so cheap! This one was only $14 from Forever 21. I bought it in store and can’t find it online, but I liked some similar styles below.

One Tee Three Ways | Salty Blondes

3. Over biker shorts.

Okay. I’m not totally convinced that the biker short trend is cute yet. And I don’t think they’re very flattering on me, but I WILL say this outfit is perfect for a hot summer day hanging around the house or running errands. These bikers are suuuper soft and stretchy and comfy. And we know I’m all about comfort.

One Tee Three Ways | Salty Blondes

Have I convinced you that splurging on a good quality, basic tee is worth it yet? Love that this one comes in three great neutral colors, too. It’s a little pricey, but SO worth it for how many times I’ve already worn it. Linking it along with a few others I’m loving below!

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One Tee Three Ways | Salty Blondes

Mom Vibes + Cal Update

Hi! I wanted to share one of my new favorite outfits, thanks to the wide-leg crop pant trend that I am loving, and a little update on what Cal’s been up to as of late!

Mom Vibes - Cal Update | Salty Blondes

Cal is almost two and a half years old and has such a fun personality! He’s not quite walking on his own yet, and I feel like we’ve been saying, “he’s so close!” for a very long time now, haha. But he really does seem like he could totally do it on his own. He just needs a little more confidence! He cruises around everywhere on his little walker and is so proud of himself. We think it’s the cutest thing ever.

Mom Vibes - Cal Update | Salty Blondes

Cal’s little personality is still the sweetest ever. We are so lucky that he’s so nice and easy-going, because he’s also still not talking at all. It seems like it would be so frustrating to want something, and not be able to tell us exactly what it is! But luckily he just goes with the flow and is usually happy with whatever it is we think he wants. He HAS learned to communicate with us though through a few signs and hand signals and is starting to make some more sounds with his mouth, too. He says “dada,” “nana,” “mmmm,” for a cow sound (so cute), and growls/yells for a lion, sheep, and any other animal. Haha.

Mom Vibes - Cal Update | Salty Blondes

We have speech, occupation, physical, and developmental therapists coming every week to work with him and give us new ideas for things we can do on our own. We also still follow up regularly with his cardiologist, pulmonologist, dietician, ENT, gastroenterologist, and ophthalmologist. Cal still has his feeding tube and is on oxygen when he sleeps, but is starting to ween off both! The biggest thing we still worry about with Cal is his little heart. It’s been such a miracle that we’ve been able to put off any heart surgeries up to this point. We actually just had another 6 month follow up with his cardiologist, and his mitral valve and aortic stenosis look about the same as they did at our last check up, which is such a blessing! His doctor thinks that he will need a mitral valve replacement at some point, but we are hoping to hold off as long as possible!

Mom Vibes - Cal Update | Salty Blondes

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in all the things he’s not doing, but then I remember what a miracle it is that Cal’s even here, and am so grateful for all the progress he’s made! I love being his mom and am anxious to see what he’ll be like in 5-10 years.

Mom Vibes - Cal Update | Salty Blondes

Since Cal’s not walking yet, I spend a lot of my time with him either playing on the ground or holding him! Comfortable clothes that I’m not adjusting all day long (like I talked about in my last post), are a must and these pants are perfect! They re super comfortable and flattering - the only two things I look for when buying an item of clothing. I’ll link a few different styles below!

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Wide Leg Pants | Salty Blondes

Laidback Loungers

When it comes to choosing an outfit for me, my number one priority is comfort. Plain and simple. This is especially true since becoming a mom, but I’ve kind of always been this way. I have never been interested in wearing heals that I can barely walk in (I actually don’t even think I own a pair of heels these days, other than wedges), and I always stay away from anything I’m going to have to be adjusting all throughout the day. I want to be able to throw on an outfit, then not think about it the rest of the day.

Laidback Loungers | Salty Blondes

When my good friend Brin recently found this two piece set, we knew we both needed it. I actually have to thank her, because I would have never thought to buy this for myself after just seeing it online. Now it’s my favorite Saturday (and everyday) grunge outfit to throw on, wear all day, nap in, all while still feeling cute and put together!

Laidback Loungers | Salty Blondes

I’m also now obsessed with sets! This one is a pretty good price for this company, and now I have three different outfits I can easily wear! The top looks so cute with jeans or leggings, and these pants look great with any tee tied or tucked in.

Laidback Loungers | Salty Blondes

This laidback lounger set also come in four different colors! Brin and I had both been eyeing this set for a while before we actually bought it, and we’ve noticed all the different colors and sizes sell out, then get restocked pretty often. So keep checking back if you’re thinking about getting yourself one!

Laidback Loungers | Salty Blondes
Laidback Loungers | Salty Blondes

Also, be sure to find yourself a friend who sends you cute finds and embraces twinning! I always love it when I share a good find with someone and they end up buying it, and have no problem admitting that a lot of my fashion inspo comes from my sisters, friends, or other influencers recommending their good finds.

Linking the set below along with a few other comfy sets I’m loving! Have a great week!

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Laidback Loungers | Salty Blondes

Winter Uniform

Regan here! Let me first say that the photos below are not super realistic. I’m usually NOT this casual, cool and collected heading out the door when I leave the house (obviously). More like, 40 lb. diaper bag around one arm, 25 pound toddler on the other, and a handful of whatever else I can possibly carry anytime I have to venture out of the house. I know any mom can relate!

Salty Blondes | Winter Uniform

It’s pretty rare that I get dressed up in a cute outfit during the week. I usually rotate between the several colors of my favorite Madewell tee that I have, front tucked in to some high waisted jeans and call it good. Luckily, THIS COAT is a new favorite of mine, and throwing it over any outfit makes me look totally put together.

Salty Blondes | Winter Uniform
Salty Blondes | Winter Uniform

This coat has also made winter more bearable because it’s super warm! Random side note…my first couple years living in Utah were kind of miserable. I haaated it here and was determined to move back to California ASAP. Well…over eight years later and I’m still here! Utah has grown on me though. I think moving from our small, dark apartment that we lived in our first few years, and now having a home where we get natural light and can have plants in every corner giving off oxygen has made all the difference. I am still determined to move back to California, but Utah is not as awful as I used to think it was! Cute coats and booties also help 😉

Salty Blondes | Winter Uniform
Salty Blondes | Winter Uniform
Salty Blondes | Winter Uniform
Salty Blondes | Winter Uniform

Top | Jeans | Coat | Hat (use code ‘saltyblondes’ for free shipping) | Boots | Earrings

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Salty Blondes | Winter Uniform

Holiday Dresses 2018

The holidays are HERE and we are almost too late in getting this post up. BUT, we wanted to make a new tradition out of last year’s holiday dress shoot, and share a few of our favorite looks/dresses for the season again!

Salty Blondes | Holiday Dresses 2018

This year we went with three totally different looks, and actually didn’t coordinate at all, but they all turned out looking super cute, put together, just the right amount of “dressy” for our styles, and perfect for any holiday gathering.

Salty Blondes | Holiday Dresses 2018

Regan’s is a velvet jumpsuit (super comfortable), Sidney went with a classic LBD, and Paige’s soft + comfy sweater dress is slimming and a great option for dressing up the bump!

Salty Blondes | Holiday Dresses 2018
Salty Blondes | Holiday Dresses 2018
Salty Blondes | Holiday Dresses 2018

Find links to our looks below, and a few other dresses we’re loving this season! There’s still time to get yourself something that makes you feel fabulous for the holidays!

The Best Cozy Sweaters to Wear With Leggings

Hello! Paige here :) I’m 23 weeks pregnant now and have basically been living in oversized sweaters and leggings (perks of being pregnant in the winter)! I’ve searched high and low for the perfect oversized sweaters that are comfy and cozy, long enough to wear with leggings, and fall just right so they don’t make me look (as) huge!

Salty Blondes | Cozy Sweaters 2018
Salty Blondes | Cozy Sweaters 2018

The four sweaters we’re wearing in this post are my absolute favs AND they’re almost all on sale. Woohoo! They’re all mine but Regan did this post with me to show that they’re still cute (in fact, way cuter, let’s be honest) if you’re not pregnant.

Salty Blondes | Cozy Sweaters 2018

Like I said these four are my favs but there are lots of other great ones out there that I’ve linked at the bottom of this post along with them! They have seriously been a lifesaver this pregnancy. Last pregnancy I was so self conscious about how big my legs got that I only wore dresses because I never wanted to show them. This pregnancy I just don’t care and would rather be comfy, so the thunder thighs are out in full force! I’ve gained about 25lbs so far (currently weigh 155) which puts me right about where I was weight wise my last pregnancy. I’m just hoping I can lose it all again!


Do yourself a favor and snag a couple of the cozy sweaters below. You won’t regret it, I promise! Whether you’re pregnant, or just like to enjoy all the food over the holiday season, these will be your new bffs :) #treatyoself


Bye summer 😭 so sad to see you go! The leaves are changing here and it’s officially starting to feel like fall. That makes us kind of sad because that means winter is around the corner. BUT we are making the best of it by pulling out our fall booties and sweaters and blankets and pumpkins. haha.

Salty Blondes September fall look

These looks are simple, cozy and comfy - our favorite! We are wearing the same jeans in a denim and pink wash. They were two of our favorites purchases during the Nordstrom anniversary sale, and Paige’s are currently back on sale for 40% off!

Salty Blondes September fall look

Oh, and Regan’s top is also 30% off and comes in a billion colors and is the most comfortable thing ever 🙌🏻 Necklaces shown below are Made By Mary (sun disk, choker)😍

Salty Blondes September fall look

We have some yummy recipes to post this fall, and some other fun content to share, so stay tuned! Outfit details below.

Paige: Top (similar) | Pants | Booties (similar)

Regan (Top | Denim | Shoes | Hat (use code SALTYBLONDES for free shipping!)

Pros and Cons of Blogging with a Friend (or sister!)

Have you ever thought about starting a blog? We get so many questions (especially when we first started out) about tips for starting a blog and how to be successful. One of the things that has really helped us have some success in the blogging world is blogging together! Although it has sometimes been a challenge, overall it's been a great experience. If you've ever thought about starting a blog for yourself, and especially starting one with a friend, below are some things to consider first! 


Here are our biggest pros and cons to blogging with a friend (or sister - same thing for us!)


-You can hit the ground running: 

One of the great things for us that got our blog off the ground was following all three of our Facebook friends on instagram! There's a six year gap from Paige (the oldest) to Sidney (the youngest) so we had lots of different friends and age groups to follow. Because of that we got a lot of different followers up front just from following all of our friends! Sidney has never been super involved in the blog but we still took advantage of her facebook friends. Thanks Sid!

-You have someone to bounce ideas off of:

Sometimes you just hit a rut where you don't feel creative and think of great content. When that happens you always have someone else to brainstorm with and/or take the reins!

-It's not all pictures of you:

It can be a little embarrassing posting pictures of just yourself all the time, and feel a little self centered! We love being able to take pictures together so our feed isn't all photos of just one person!

-You have someone to take over when life gets busy:

When one of us is in a crazy time of life, it's nice to have someone else in the picture to keep the blog alive! When either of us is pregnant especially, we don't ever feel like posting as much or doing outfit posts because we just don't feel cute! It's nice to have someone else who can take over.


You WILL fight:

It's just inevitable. Whether you're starting a blog with a best friend or sister or whatever, be prepared for it!

-You'll have differing ideas:

Even if you start out on the same page with what you want for your blog, the blogging world is always changing and you will end up with differing ideas of what you want your blog to be/where you want it to go. Learn to hear each other out and compromise!

-Someone will always feel like they're pulling more weight

We go through phases of who is pulling more weight, but we are always arguing about it. Sometimes it's me (Paige) and sometimes it's Regan. Admittedly right now Regan is defintely pulling more of the weight with the blog as a whole. Even though I'm writing this post haha. I've been super busy with my real estate career and Regan has kind of been taking over. There have also been times where I have been pulling more weight. Either way it never seems fair.

-Who chooses photos for instagram?

This can big another big cause of contention! Obviously you're going to have different favorites from the photos you take together, so who gets to choose which photos go on instagram? (where we have our largest following). Sometimes one of us will look so fab in a photo and really want to post, but the other person looks hideous haha. Or vice versa! Agreeing on which photos to post can be a tough one. Especially if it's one of all three of us!

When it comes down to it, the pros outweigh the cons for us.  We have fought over our blog several times, and have all threatened to break off on our own (haha), but in all honesty none of us would want to be doing this alone.  Kudos to all those blogger babes out there who do have blogs on their own! We have loved creating this outlet together where we can share all of our different styles, passions, and ideas.  

Shop our outfits:

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018

Here are our picks from this year's Nordstrom anniversary sale! Early access to the sale started yesterday, so you can shop these items now if you have a Nordstrom credit or debit card! We've divided our pics into the 3 categories we shopped this year; boys, women's, and men's! The little boys stuff was our absolute favorite this year. So cute! See all our picks and what we got below!


Definitely some must haves for boys this year! 


If you're going to choose one thing to buy, it has to be the gray joggers below! They are such good quality, the softest material, and super cute!


For men's our top picks are the Travis Mathew shirts. We always include them in our mens gift guides because they are seriously the best! Super comfy material and great for work and of course golf! The jeans below are also great. Mike (Paige's husband) got them in two colors! They're a great fit and a great deal for AG!

Perfect White Pants

A good pair of white a white pants that don't add on the lbs or show off your undies is hard to come by! We love white pants for summer and feel like they brighten up any outfit.  We've rounded up a few of our favorite, tried and true pairs below.  Links at the bottom of the post!

Regan's are obviously her faves, since she's worn them in the last two posts 😂.  Hey, when you know, you know!


Paige - Top | Pants | Chambray | Shoes

Regan - Top (on sale!) | Pants | Shoes | Necklace

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Tried and True Favorite White Pants.png

Oceanside Harbor

You all know by now that we love a good casual summer look with a cute, comfortable wedge! Yep, this is our go-to for sure. 


It's actually so awesome having sisters (and a mom) who all share the same style.  We all own the same tops and jeans in different colors/washes and can easily borrow and rotate clothes between each other 😂.  I (Regan) am actually borrowing my mom's Madewell top here, and Paige's necklace. Hehe.

You may have already seen Paige's bag in her favorite things post.  It's super inexpensive and adds something so cute to any #basic outfit. Details below!

Regan: Top | Jacket | Denim | Necklace (similar)

Paige: Top | Denim | Bag | Hat | Shoes

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8 Summer Dresses.png

6 Ways to Wear Your New Favorite Accessory!

I feel like that title is suuuper long, but also very accurate.

If you haven't jumped on the hair/neck/wrist scarf train yet, you need to get in on this! These cute scarves/bandanas that are so in right now are the perfect accessory to add to any outfit.  The one's I've found and am wearing in this post are also super inexpensive.  Today I'm sharing my favorite ways to wear them.

1. Tied around the wrist.

This was the first way I ever accessorized with a scarf.  It's subtle, but adds a cute little pop of color to any neutral outfit.  To tie, fold the scarf into a triangle, then continue to fold until it becomes long and thin.  I placed my wrist (palm facing down) on top of the middle section of the scarf, then wrapped each end up and around my wrist twice, so that the two ends ended up on top of my wrist.  I then tied the ends in a double knot. 

2. Tied at the end of a braid.

I love this style, especially when wearing a hat! I think this looks best with a looser braid, and with extra hair left out on the ends.  Secure your braid with a hair tie, then double knot your scarf (after you've folded it up long and narrow), with the knot above the hair tie so it stays secure. 

3. Around a top knot.

Lately I've been loving wearing my (3-day post washed) hair in a half-up top knot! I love having my hair out of my face, and this is a cute way to keep it up while still having some hair showing. First, secure your hair in a top knot using a hair tie. I do my half-up top knots by wrapping my hair around like a ballerina bun, then pulling it apart a little to create a messier look. With this look, you want your bun to be pretty high on top of your head so that you can still see some hair over the top of the scarf.

 Take your folded up scarf and start with the middle part of the scarf at the back of your bun, tie both ends around to the front, cross over, and then cross over again in the back.  Tie the two ends in a double knot at the front of the bun.  You may have to adjust how many times you tie it around depending on how long your scarf is.

4. Around your neck.

This is probably the most common way you see people wearing scarves. Again, I love how it adds just a little something to a simple outfit. For this look, just fold up your scarf so it's long and narrow again, then start with the middle of the scarf at the back of your neck and tie the ends in front.  I like to tie mine off to the side.

5. Wear as a headband.

This is another cute and fun way to keep some of my hair back and out of my face. To tie, tuck your hair behind your ears, then place the middle part of the scarf under the bottom of your hair, and tie the ends together at the top, right over where your hair is parted.

6. Around a messy bun.

This is similar to the half-up top knot look, but I love wearing a scarf this way when I'm throwing all my hair up at the pool or beach! It just looks cuter 🙃

7. BONUS STYLE: Tie around your favorite bag.

Had to add this in because I love the look of a scarf that matches your outfit, tied around your bag!

I linked the two scarves pictured in the photos above, as well as some of my other favorite scarves below. Although the scarf in the beach photos is currently sold out 😭 but the store I got it from has some other super cute ones.  Find them here (use code saltyblondes for free shipping on your order). 





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Tie Front Summer Tops

Hi friends! We just wanted to put together a quick post sharing another one of our favorite trends this summer.  Tie front tops!

We love this trend for summer because it just adds such a cute element to a basic tee with jeans look! Some of our favorites are from Madewell (pictured below), but we found lots of other cute ones too that we've linked at the bottom of this post!

Summer Dresses

Anyone else LIVE in dresses all summer? One of our favorite summer combos is dresses with denim!

Below are our two dresses pictured, along with some of our other favorite easy, summer dresses this season!

Regan: Dress | Jacket | Shoes (on sale!) | Earrings

Paige: Dress | Chambray | Bag | Shoes | Necklace (similar,similar)



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Salty Blondes | Summer Dresses

Paige's Favorite Things

Hello! I have so many things I'm LOVING lately that I wanted to get on and share them with you! NONE of these are sponsored. I just really love them all and wanted to share the goodness! Below are 10 of my current favorite things :)


Straw Tote

I finally got one this year and have to say it just adds something to your outfit. The one I'm holding above and have linked is from BP so it's super affordable (under $40)! It goes with everything and you can switch out the little pom hooked on it to one of your own or a cute scarf! Super fun for summer!



Salt and Pepper Grinders

With gorgeous wood and the base, a white marble top for the salt, and black marble for the pepper, what's not to love! They sit out front and center in my kitchen and I love looking at them :)



T-Shirt Dress

Under $60, ruched side (flattering), midi length and super cute! Need I say more? I got it in the color Rust Madder



Gift Wrap Cart

Ok this may be random, but I LOVE this gift wrap organizer! I used to have everything just shoved in a closet is our old house. I finally got this from my mother-in-law and am obsessed. It fits perfectly in an average sized coat closet, so we put it in the one in our office. I keep boxes in the bottom two larger drawers, and cards, tissue paper etc in the top three smaller drawers. As you can see in the photo below theres a spot on the sides for wrapping paper and ribbon too!


BKR Spiked Water Bottle

So I bought one of these and loved it so much that I reached out to the company to see if they'd send me another larger one in exchange for love on the blog. They never wrote back haha. Oh well. Still one of my favorite things! I got one initially because I wanted a glass water bottle to cut back on drinking so many plastic ones! Now I take it with me everywhere I go and get so many compliments on it! It's almost like a little accessory :)



Freshly Picked Fanny Pack

They call it a "park pack" but...it's a fanny pack haha. I got one with a gift card I had and love it! Great for multiple reasons. For one, it's so nice to be totally hands free if I'm running out somewhere without the diaper bag. There's slots for your cards, my iPhone plus fits in it perfectly, and there's an extra hidden zipper pocket on the back! Secondly, it actually covers your lower belly so if you've eaten a lot and are wearing a tight shirt or dress nbd! Just throw on your fanny and it's magically camouflaged :)


OluKai Sandals

I've posted about these before and am posting again! I love these so much and they're the ONLY flip flops I can where ALL day whether I'm walking miles and miles on vacation or just around town. They have the comfiest soles and perfect arch support!



GIGI PIP Baseball Caps

You've probably seen me wearing them multiple times on our instagram stories, because I have one on all the time! All of their hats are the cutest, but I especially love the look and fit of their baseballs caps! Use code: saltyblondes at checkout with them for free shipping!


Ted Baker Fitted Tee

Ok guys, these tees are pricey (fair warning)! I got one with a gift card and then had to get another when I saw one on sale because the fit is so perfect! They have a couple questionable prints haha, but there are some cute ones too and they're so flattering and comfy! I love them because they're made out of a nicer fabric, so they not only look great tucked into high waisted jeans, but with skirts too!




I love these because they're the perfect summer sandal, super comfy and under $100! I may have them in multiple colors #shopaholic




Ok guys, I'm including this as a bonus but not actually on the list for a few reasons: 1. It's KIND OF sponsored (I got it for free). BUT I reached out to THEM for it. 2. It's expensive!

JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.

That being said, I do love the product. It tastes yummy, and although it may be the placebo affect I feel like my skin actually looks better already! Basically it's a collagen peptide drink mix (all the rage these days) with other supplements in it too like Biotin which are supposed to help your hair, skin and nails look fabulous. I've been taking it for a week and really like it so far!

Basic Tees

If you've been following us for a while, then you know we LIVE for a good basic tee.  We like to keep it casual 90% of the time, and when we find a good casual t-shirt, we usually buy it in multiple colors!

Regan: Tee // Denim // Jacket (similar) // Shoes // Hat

Paige: Tee // Denim // Sandals // Hat

These striped Madewell tees are a couple of our most recent favorites, and they pair perfectly with our most frequently worn, high waisted Madewell jeans!

We love how casual this look is for summer, especially when worn with these adorable jean + linen baseball caps!

We linked more of our favorite, tried + true basic tees below. 

To name a few:

The Madewell Whisper Cotton Tee

This is Sidney + Regan's favorite, most over-worn (lol) tee.  They both have them in multiple colors.  This is one that Madewell always has in stock, and is always coming out with in new colors.  There are also always colors that will go on sale for $14, so make sure to check to see which ones are marked down!

The Michael Stars Shine Tee

Paige's favorite for a staple, fitted tee! We get them from


 (head to the link to view all their different styles in the 'Shine Tee').  These tees have a fun shimmery material, and are really good quality! They come in different colors, and styles, and come and and go during different seasons.  So just keep your eye out on the


site if you don't see the color/style you love currently available.

Sol Angeles Tees

We've talked about these before.  Also a tee we like to get from


.  These are just cute graphic tees that come in so many cute designs and with different sayings.   Definitely a little more pricey, but there are always styles going on sale, which is when we like to buy them! Plus, Anthro often does 20-30% off sale items, which marks them down even more! You can also check out the

Sol Angeles

website and buy directly from them.  

Click on the images to shop all of our favorite tees below (we added a few more, not talked about above).  Thanks for reading!

Black + Cognac

These are two of our favorite colors to pair together!  For some reason we used to think you couldn't wear blacks + browns together.  Now we love mixing the two colors in the outfits we wear, and in our home decor!

Below are two casual outfits showing how we paired the colors together.  

Regan: Dress // Hat // Shoes

Paige: Jeans // Top // Necklace (similar) // Shoes

My (Regan) dress is so comfortable is only $21! Like, whattt? My shoes are just as comfy, but, unfortunately, not quite as affordable. So worth the splurge though to at least have one cute pair of espadrilles this season.  I got mine last year, and this same pair is still selling in stores and so on trend.

These are Paige's new favorite pair of jeans! The perfect #momjean and so easy to wear with a fitted top and statement necklace.  Throw on some cute wedges and you have an easy, perfectly put together date night outfit. 

Last thing I want to talk about is my cute hat! I've been so in to hats lately and Gigi Pip is making all my dreams come true from their baseball hats to their wide brim fedoras, and everything in between. Their spring collection is heaven, which also includes the cutest scarves, bags, and now sunglasses!  Go check them out, you won't be disappointed. Use code saltyblondes for free shipping!

Below are a couple more easy, casual outfits where we paired black + cognac together.

Regan: Dress // Shoes // Bag // Scarf

Paige: Top // Denim // Shoes

Now to show how we combine blacks + browns in our homes.

Below is a shot of the office in my home.  I wanted to go with a black + gold color scheme, but am loving the pop of color that the cognac chair in the corner adds.

Paige just added these cute bar stools to her kitchen.  The ones she had before were black, and it's amazing how much adding this cognac color adds to the space.  

Thanks for reading!

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is coming up, and with so many amazing mother's to celebrate, we started planning our gifts early.  We have ideas for anyone on any budget, and categorized our gift guide by price range.  Check out our ideas below! 

Under $25:

Trader Joe's Coconut Body Butter

Guys we've said this before, but THIS is the absolute best body butter ever! We've given it as gifts countless times and will continue to do so!

Bath Bombs

Great by themselves or combined with the body butter above!

Summer Hat

LOVE this cute summer hat from Target, and also love that it's only $14! I (Paige) actually just bought it for myself and it's the perfect size (not too big and not too small)!

Flip Flops

Ipanema has super cute affordable flip flops that we love! This would be another cute gift combined with the summer hat above :)


How Cute are these mini hoops?! We love that they have both gold and silver in them so they can be worn with either!

Under $50:

Anthro Candle

Anthropologie has THE prettiest and best selling candles. They look so cute out in any home, and can be cleaned out once they're burnt out and used as a cute dish or bowl!

Glass Water Bottle

Stay hydrated in style! I finally just got myself one of these and love it :) The larger spiked one is on my birthday list! I got one of these because I was drinking 4 water bottles a day and read some things that got me paranoid about the plastic! Invest in a glass one of these cute glass water bottles for your mom AND yourself this year :) If you don't do it for the health or environmental reasons, do it for your bank account! I've saved so much money not having to buy cases and cases of plastic water bottles!

Yoga Mat

This would be cute by itself or combined with the gift above! Great for any mom who likes to workout, and comes with an over the shoulder handle!

Swim Cover

How cute is this beach cover? It can be worn as a dress, sarong, or used as a beach blanket :) Yes, please!

Sol Angeles Tee

These are just the best fitting and cutest tees ever! They're a little pricey but you can always find cute ones on sale like the one below!

Under $100

Sorel Sandals

Just got these actually in the metallic color and absolutely love them! Super comfy and cute too!


You just can't go wrong with a massage! We linked Massage Green Spa above which is great for Utah :)

Made by Mary Jewelry

Made by Mary has the cutest customizable jewelry! We gave our mom a necklace from here with all of our initials on it for Mother's Day last year and she wears it all the time!

Workout Leggings

Is there anything better than high quality yoga pants? When they're flattering, cute AND comfy it just doesn't get better :)


OK guys, bear with us here. If you don't know about Olukais, you'll just think we're crazy for putting an overpriced pair of flip flops on here :) We're not! These are the ONLY flip flops we can wear all day no matter how much walking we do because they provide the perfect amount of support for your feet and are so comfy! Invest in a pair for you OR your mom. You won't regret it!

Under $200


If you haven't noticed, Adidas are the new Nike! Love these cute slip ons for working out or everyday wear!

New Bag

Below is a great one that's high quality, sleek and reasonably priced!

Madewell Denim

Keep yo mama up to date and looking good in some made well denim! Madewell just has the best jeans. Period. Below is one of our favorites :)

Anti Aging Facial

We suggest one of the top 3 from the list of facials on the link above. Plus, if you mention us when you call to by and gift card at


here in Utah, you get a discount! Yay!

Marc Fisher Wedges

He just has hands down the cutest espadrilles on the market. Below is one of our favorites :)

Hope you guys found this helpful! Happy Mother's Day shopping!

Insta Outfit Recap

Hi guys!  It's been way too long since we've done an outfit post.  I feel like we always say this, but our lives have been crazy, and we've just been linking outfits on insta as of late!

I finally had some time to sit down and put our last few outfits we've posted about on Instagram together in a post.  So here you go. Best part is, most of our outfits are on major sale now that spring is almost here!

Two fun weekend/date night looks.  Loving this mauve/pink color of Paige's sweater & in the print of Regan's top.  We didn't plan to pair these two outfits together for our shoot, but have to say, they coordinated pretty perfectly :)

This next look is definitely my (Regan) go-to.  Some high-waisted denim with a casual tee. You can find me in this outfit every. single. day. Loving the Sol Angeles x Anthrologie tees lately (even though they are a bit pricey for a t-shirt), and these slip on sneakers have been my absolute favorite during the "warmer" winter days here in Utah. I have them in two colors, and the black pair I'm wearing below are lined with fur (yasss).

These are a couple more cute, everyday looks that are a little more put together.  Paige's boots make such a fun statement and are currently on major sale!

This last look is all about the neutrals! Nothing better than cozy neutral sweaters that go with everything!

Now, time to bring out the spring clothes! Hello cropped denim, cute wedges, and lightweight jackets!