Laidback Loungers

When it comes to choosing an outfit for me, my number one priority is comfort. Plain and simple. This is especially true since becoming a mom, but I’ve kind of always been this way. I have never been interested in wearing heals that I can barely walk in (I actually don’t even think I own a pair of heels these days, other than wedges), and I always stay away from anything I’m going to have to be adjusting all throughout the day. I want to be able to throw on an outfit, then not think about it the rest of the day.

Laidback Loungers | Salty Blondes

When my good friend Brin recently found this two piece set, we knew we both needed it. I actually have to thank her, because I would have never thought to buy this for myself after just seeing it online. Now it’s my favorite Saturday (and everyday) grunge outfit to throw on, wear all day, nap in, all while still feeling cute and put together!

Laidback Loungers | Salty Blondes

I’m also now obsessed with sets! This one is a pretty good price for this company, and now I have three different outfits I can easily wear! The top looks so cute with jeans or leggings, and these pants look great with any tee tied or tucked in.

Laidback Loungers | Salty Blondes

This laidback lounger set also come in four different colors! Brin and I had both been eyeing this set for a while before we actually bought it, and we’ve noticed all the different colors and sizes sell out, then get restocked pretty often. So keep checking back if you’re thinking about getting yourself one!

Laidback Loungers | Salty Blondes
Laidback Loungers | Salty Blondes

Also, be sure to find yourself a friend who sends you cute finds and embraces twinning! I always love it when I share a good find with someone and they end up buying it, and have no problem admitting that a lot of my fashion inspo comes from my sisters, friends, or other influencers recommending their good finds.

Linking the set below along with a few other comfy sets I’m loving! Have a great week!

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Laidback Loungers | Salty Blondes


Adding a flannel tied around the waist can add so much to any outfit. Not only do they create an extra layer and added style to a basic tee and jeans or dress, but they are also super flattering and can be used as a cover up when tied around the waist. We'll actually be talking about this more in a future post!

Today we wanted to show how verstitile a flannel can be. Below are two looks showing how easily you can dress a flannel up, or wear it casual.

Express has some awesome oversized plaid shirts right now at great price points! Links to all outfit details and some of our favorite flannels are below! 

Dress It Up

Wear It Casual


Paige: Dress | Flannel | Wedges | Glasses | Necklace

Regan: Top | Flannel | Denim | Hat | Sandals | Lips