Pros and Cons of Blogging with a Friend (or sister!)

Have you ever thought about starting a blog? We get so many questions (especially when we first started out) about tips for starting a blog and how to be successful. One of the things that has really helped us have some success in the blogging world is blogging together! Although it has sometimes been a challenge, overall it's been a great experience. If you've ever thought about starting a blog for yourself, and especially starting one with a friend, below are some things to consider first! 


Here are our biggest pros and cons to blogging with a friend (or sister - same thing for us!)


-You can hit the ground running: 

One of the great things for us that got our blog off the ground was following all three of our Facebook friends on instagram! There's a six year gap from Paige (the oldest) to Sidney (the youngest) so we had lots of different friends and age groups to follow. Because of that we got a lot of different followers up front just from following all of our friends! Sidney has never been super involved in the blog but we still took advantage of her facebook friends. Thanks Sid!

-You have someone to bounce ideas off of:

Sometimes you just hit a rut where you don't feel creative and think of great content. When that happens you always have someone else to brainstorm with and/or take the reins!

-It's not all pictures of you:

It can be a little embarrassing posting pictures of just yourself all the time, and feel a little self centered! We love being able to take pictures together so our feed isn't all photos of just one person!

-You have someone to take over when life gets busy:

When one of us is in a crazy time of life, it's nice to have someone else in the picture to keep the blog alive! When either of us is pregnant especially, we don't ever feel like posting as much or doing outfit posts because we just don't feel cute! It's nice to have someone else who can take over.


You WILL fight:

It's just inevitable. Whether you're starting a blog with a best friend or sister or whatever, be prepared for it!

-You'll have differing ideas:

Even if you start out on the same page with what you want for your blog, the blogging world is always changing and you will end up with differing ideas of what you want your blog to be/where you want it to go. Learn to hear each other out and compromise!

-Someone will always feel like they're pulling more weight

We go through phases of who is pulling more weight, but we are always arguing about it. Sometimes it's me (Paige) and sometimes it's Regan. Admittedly right now Regan is defintely pulling more of the weight with the blog as a whole. Even though I'm writing this post haha. I've been super busy with my real estate career and Regan has kind of been taking over. There have also been times where I have been pulling more weight. Either way it never seems fair.

-Who chooses photos for instagram?

This can big another big cause of contention! Obviously you're going to have different favorites from the photos you take together, so who gets to choose which photos go on instagram? (where we have our largest following). Sometimes one of us will look so fab in a photo and really want to post, but the other person looks hideous haha. Or vice versa! Agreeing on which photos to post can be a tough one. Especially if it's one of all three of us!

When it comes down to it, the pros outweigh the cons for us.  We have fought over our blog several times, and have all threatened to break off on our own (haha), but in all honesty none of us would want to be doing this alone.  Kudos to all those blogger babes out there who do have blogs on their own! We have loved creating this outlet together where we can share all of our different styles, passions, and ideas.  

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