Skincare Essentials Part 1 - Foundation Tutorial

We've been meaning to share our skincare routine for a while, and now that we're entering one of the hottest months of summer (when skincare is most important) we thought it would be the perfect time. 

Using clean, natural makeup without any harsh chemicals is really important to us. Using a foundation that actually IMPROVES your skin…well that's just a dream come true ;) Working at Nordstrom, Paige tested out a ton of different foundations thanks to her friends at the makeup counter. She eventually found one that she fell in love with, and we all three now use and love it too. We use Clinique's "Even Better" Makeup as our main foundation. Not only is it free of harsh chemicals, but it actually helps IMPROVE your skin. The shade we use is "honey" but stop by any Nordstrom or makeup counter to find your perfect shade :) Click on the picture below to read more about it.

After applying Clinique's "Even Better" Foundation with a brush, we blend it with a beauty blender. If you guys don't have one yet, we highly recommend it! Click on the image for the link.

For extra protection, and to set the foundation, we use colorescience sunforgettable powder. This stuff is seriously amazing, and offers great protection from the sun all day long. Click on the picture below to read more about it.

Lastly, we use a little bronzer under cheekbones to make them stand out, and sometimes a little blush (we're not big blush people, but we love "warm soul" from MAC). The bronzer and blush we use are pictured and linked below. The bronzer color is "medium deep".

Below is a short video tutorial on applying foundation, made by the one and only

Sidney Shannelle Studios. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram and watch for an upcoming giveaway! 

Hair Essentials

We've recently received lots of requests for hair tips and tutorials.

To be honest, when it comes to styling our hair, we are pretty boring and like to keep it simple.

Basically, we have three go-to hair styles: straight, curled, and side braid ;) 

We do have a few essentials that we think are necessary steps in our daily hair routine, no matter the style.

First off, we can't tell you enough how important using good, quality products on your hair is. It all starts in the shower. We grew up using Paul Mitchell shampoo and Purology conditioner. Then we moved out and went to college, and started buying cheaper shampoo and conditioner, since we were the ones paying the bills. We noticed a HUGE difference in our hair and realized right away what it was. Quality shampoo and conditioner is worth the money us!

A few other things that are always part of our daily routines are...


We learned about biotin from Pinterest a few years ago, and have been using it ever since. We feel it really has made a big difference in helping our hair to grow healthier and stronger.

Moroccan Oil

This stuff is seriously the best. Use it on wet or dry hair for soft, smooth, and shiny hair. You would think since it's an oil it would just make your hair look greasy, but nope! Even the day or two after a wash, a little bit of this stuff will have your hair looking fresh again and smelling AMAZING! 

The Wet Brush

If you don't own a wet brush...go get one now! IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE ;) It's the ultimate brush for detangling your hair, especially when it's wet. It was a LIFE saver on our family Lake Powell trip after our hair would end up in a rat's nest on boat rides.  

Scroll down for a video tutorial on how to get the loose waves and twisted braid pictured below… 

We know we're both a little awkward in front of the camera, so bear with us! ;)