Skincare Essentials Part 2: Nightly Routine

Step One: Remove face and eye makeup.

We like Neutrogena's HYDRATING makeup remover towelettes. It's common knowledge how important it is to NEVER go to bed without washing your face. Not going to lie though, we've all had those nights when you're just so exhausted, the last thing you want to do is get up and wash your face before crashing. If you're going to skip it, at least wipe your makeup of with one of these cleansing towelettes!

Step Two: Exfoliate with cleansing brush and Purity cleanser.

Our favorite cleanser is Purity cleansing gel by Philosophy. This stuff is amazing, and not to mention smells delicious :) We've all heard of the clarisonic, but there are so many cleansing brushes out there, and we've actually found one we like even better! It's the Spin for Perfect Skin Brush from Vanity Planet. It comes with four brushes: a cleansing brush, exfoliating brush, body brush and pumice stone. PLUS, we have a discount code for out readers for 70% off all face brushes! Use code saltyspin at checkout :)

Step Three: USE A RETINOL!

Ok, Paige here, and this is something I swear by! I'm 27, and a few years ago I started noticing some deeper wrinkles starting to form on my forehead and around my mouth. In today's world, of course we all want that quick fix, so my first instinct was to get me some botox! Pronto! After talking to my mom and a dermatologist, they recommended trying a retinol first. I tried out a bunch and finally found one I'm so in love with! It made a HUGE difference, and I'm so glad I didn't go straight to botox! I use GLOW by Dr. Brandt. It's a little pricey, but lasts SO long and is SO worth it!! I can't stress this enough people! :)

Step Four: Moisturize.

For our eyes, all three of us, as well as our mom, use All About Eyes by Clinique. It's the best! As far as moisturizer goes, our mom, Regan and Sidney all use Olay's Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream. It's a drug store product you can get for $20 at any grocery store or by clicking on the linked picture below. There have been so many studies done showing Olay products to work just as well as most expensive department store creams, and we love this one! Paige however, has become somewhat of a moisturizer snob, and has been switching out between this and another one of her beloved Dr. Brandt products. It's pricey, and she's embarrassed to even admit paying this much on a moisturizer, but swears by it. We suggest getting a few samples of it first at your local Sephora, and decide for yourself what works best for you :) As for the rest of us, we think we'll be sticking with our $20 Olay cream! Both are pictured and linked below, as well as our eye cream :)

Although this is all pretty self explanatory, sometimes we need things laid out plain and simple…so we've included another short video tutorial. Watch me, Paige, below doing my nightly skincare routine. Also, don't ask why my mouth is open the whole time like a weirdo while using my facial cleansing brush! K bye :)

Skincare Essentials Part 1 - Foundation Tutorial

We've been meaning to share our skincare routine for a while, and now that we're entering one of the hottest months of summer (when skincare is most important) we thought it would be the perfect time. 

Using clean, natural makeup without any harsh chemicals is really important to us. Using a foundation that actually IMPROVES your skin…well that's just a dream come true ;) Working at Nordstrom, Paige tested out a ton of different foundations thanks to her friends at the makeup counter. She eventually found one that she fell in love with, and we all three now use and love it too. We use Clinique's "Even Better" Makeup as our main foundation. Not only is it free of harsh chemicals, but it actually helps IMPROVE your skin. The shade we use is "honey" but stop by any Nordstrom or makeup counter to find your perfect shade :) Click on the picture below to read more about it.

After applying Clinique's "Even Better" Foundation with a brush, we blend it with a beauty blender. If you guys don't have one yet, we highly recommend it! Click on the image for the link.

For extra protection, and to set the foundation, we use colorescience sunforgettable powder. This stuff is seriously amazing, and offers great protection from the sun all day long. Click on the picture below to read more about it.

Lastly, we use a little bronzer under cheekbones to make them stand out, and sometimes a little blush (we're not big blush people, but we love "warm soul" from MAC). The bronzer and blush we use are pictured and linked below. The bronzer color is "medium deep".

Below is a short video tutorial on applying foundation, made by the one and only

Sidney Shannelle Studios. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram and watch for an upcoming giveaway!