As you probably saw on instagram last week...Sidney is finally back!! We couldn't be more excited, and had a blast this last weekend in California celebrating her return. If you've read our about section, you know at least a little about her and what she'll be contributing to the blog. She's the healthy eating, athletic fire ball of the bunch. Definitely the coolest sister :-P Anyways, she'll be sharing her amazing work outs, healthy recipes, and much more! Stay tuned :)

Below are some pics from one of our favorite days last weekend at home. We went to Coronado and rode bikes, ate at our favorite restaurant, and hung out with the fam!

Paige: Top | Denim | Sandals | Hat

Regan: Top | Denim | Sandals | Glasses

Sidney: Top | Denim | Sandals | Glasses

We ended the day having dinner at our family's favorite restaurant. If you're in San Diego, we highly recommend Il Fornaio!