The Phoenician

Last week we celebrated our grandma's 80th birthday with little weekend trip to one of our favorite places - Scottsdale, AZ! You may be thinking, "why on earth would Arizona be one of your favorite places, and during the month of August, no less?!?" BUT, let us explain.

The Phoenician | Salty Blondes

Growing up, our parents would take a trip together every summer, and we would stay with our grandparents.  Since our mom is an only child, we were lucky enough to be have our grandparents take us on trips with them! We are their only grandchildren, and so we've always had really close and special relationships with them. They took us to some really incredible places, including a Caribbean cruise, Indonesia, Hawaii, and a Mediterranean cruise.  And about every other year we would go stay at The Phoenician in Arizona during the summer.  Our grandma is from that area, and so that's kind of how the tradition started.

The Phoenician always felt like (and still does) such a luxury hotel for us to stay at, and we would have SO much fun as kids spending countless hours in the pools and on the famous water slide we all loved. Since Arizona is so hot in the summer, and no one really wants to vacation there that time of year, the resort is usually pretty empty when we go, and the rates are suuuuper low. 

The Phoenician | Salty Blondes

Hopefully that explains a little why we love this place so much! We've made so many memories here growing up, and it was just as fun staying there now that we're older.  Yes, it's hot, but we just stay in the water the entire time, or inside where they always have the AC blasting 😎 And we actually lucked out this year with the temperatures staying under 100°.

The Phoenician | Salty Blondes
The Phoenician | Salty Blondes

Cal & MJ loved their first stay this year too! They were little fish and MJ had lots of practice on his swimming.  He's been in lessons the past couple of weeks and is doing so well!

The Phoenician | Salty Blondes

They have some really yummy restaurants at The Phoenician too, so we basically don't have to leave at all if we don't want to! We'd have a late breakfast there every morning, then walk up and get gelato (also on-site) in the late afternoon, then one night we ordered in food to our rooms and one night we went out! 

Oh and also, we are writing this just to document and give a little background on us, not trying to sell anyone on vacationing in Arizona. BUT, if we did by some chance sell you on it, here's another little tip if you're from Utah County: ALLEGIANT FLIES FROM PROVO TO AZ! We got $50 flights from the Provo Airport (the best/easiest airport to fly out of). 

On our last morning we had brunch at the JW Marriot in Scottsdale on our way to the airport.  Also recommend that if you're ever in Scottsdale 😋

The Phoenician | Salty Blondes

(Not pictured was our 82-year-old grandpa who was also there with us hanging by the pool 🧡). We were just missing our brothers who, by the way, come home from their missions in Argentina in December!! 

Thanksgiving on Oahu - A Mini Travel Guide with Local Secrets

We had the best time vacationing with our entire family this Thanksgiving (minus our two cute brothers who are currently serving LDS missions in Argentina).  Sidney's husband plays football for BYU, and they had a game against the University of Hawaii, so we used that as the perfect excuse to spend Thanksgiving on the beach this year :)

A family friend of ours who lives there hooked us up with some awesome places to stay, where to go, things to do, and places to eat.  So we wanted to share the goods with all of you so you can have the lo down from a local if you ever visit Oahu!

We stayed the first two nights in Waikiki at this super cute Marriott that was recently renovated, called the Laylow Waikiki.  The rooms were all decorated so cute and modern, and every wall and corner throughout the hotel was totally picture worthy.

The location was perfect.  It was right at the heart of the busy waikiki city.  It's right next to a giant mall, seconds away from the beach, and right in the middle of so many yummy restaurants. Seriously the cutest little place. We'll be dreaming of it while we're freezing our booties off in Utah this winter!

We went on a fun family hike one morning while on this side of the island called the Makapuʻu Point Lighthouse Trail.  This is a great hike if you have kids, or are just feeling kind of lazy and don't want a super hard, all day hike but still want some beautiful views! It was totally paved so we pushed Cal in the stroller (he slept the entire hike), and MJ walked a lot of it! The 360 degree views at the top were unreal!

We also hung at Waikiki beach one afternoon which was super fun, even thought it's one of the busier beaches. We rented a couple of surfboards chairs/umbrellas. This is a great beach if you're a beginner surfer or want to try it for the first time, because there are long baby waves there that are easy to get up on and won't destroy you if you fall!

On Thanksgiving we ate at a delish buffet serving traditional Thanksgiving food. It was pretty amazing besides the fact that MJ had the meltdown of all meltdowns! Haha. He was VERY tired and still getting used to the time change.

The Friday after Thanksgiving we moved to the other side of the island and stayed at the Marriott Ko Olina Beach Resort which was AH-MAZING. So beautiful and in a quite little bay, great for relaxing and paddle boarding. They offer free classes every morning for their guests like yoga, beach bootcamp, morning meditation etc., which was great because some hotels charge extra for classes!

This side of the island was so much more relaxing and just so pretty compared to the busy Waikiki city. The resort has the prettiest pools and secluded lagoon beach area. There's also a really pretty walking path that connects the Marriott, Disney Aulani Resort, and Four Seasons. We walked to the Four Seasons two of the mornings we were there for the best breakfast buffet you've ever had. We highly recommend going there for breakfast, but not staying there unless you have plenty of extra cash to burn!

We also had the BEST acai bowls on this side of the island at

Haleiwa Bowls

.  Cutest little place and SO good. 

Our friend from back home in San Diego who now lives on Oahu, and was our personal tour guide all week, took us to the best surfing beach since all Sid wanted to was catch some waves. The pic below was at Makaha Beach.  This is a great beach to go to if you want some bigger waves for surfing or boogie boarding. Just be careful!!

Our favorite day by far was spending our last morning at I Don't Knows Beach. That's really what it's called haha. A local secret! It was the prettiest beach, and this is where we got to swim with wild dolphins! Seriously the most incredible experience! We swam out probably close to 200 yards past the waves where we were literally feet away from close to 100 wild dolphins. Something we will never forget! Wild dolphins are known to hang out here, and Nate (our friend from home) said he's never been there and not seen them!

We hope this post helps give you some fun ideas for the next time you're on Oahu! We love spending time with family and couldn't have asked for a better Thanksgiving.  We are so blessed and have so much to be grateful for! Aloha!

Girl's Trip Guide to Nashville

Ladies! I (Paige) just got back from the BEST girl's trip to Nashville, and I had so much fun that I wanted to share with "ya'll" my favorite things from the trip! If any of you are thinking about visiting Nashville, I highly recommend it! There's so much to do, and it's an especially good location for a girls trip for a number of different reasons I'll go over below :)

Obviously the first reason is the amazing wall above that's perfect for an Instagram photo haha. Women just appreciate this stuff more, you know? The wall is located at the Gulch which is a fun shopping area downtown. So basically, check check ;)

Honkey Tonk Row (pictured above) is another awesome area downtown that's so fun to hit up with the girls at night! They have line dancing, karaoke, and a ton of amazing live music! We line danced at Wildhorse Saloon (so fun), and sang karaoke at Lonnie's (equal parts fun and embarrassing). Singing karaoke in Nashville is just more fun with women because nobody cares too much about how you look/sound up there, AND you can pump out all the badass female country music songs like Before He Cheats and Gunpowder and Lead. Go Carrie and Miranda! Woohoo!

Ok so everything else on my list isn't really specific to girls trips, unless you're one of those women who doesn't like to eat too much in front of men then I guess this next one applies to you :) The food was AMAZING! So good. And fattening. The picture above is of some classic country grub that I figured I had to try when in Nashville. Chicken and waffles and biscuits and gravy did not disappoint! I recommend getting this at Sinema at their Sunday brunch. The place is filled with lots of other yummy food too!

Two of my other favorite places we ate were Hattie B's chicken and Martin's BBQ.  Hattie B's has the best fried chicken (although it's HOT so watch out), and Martin's BBQ has great food and a great atmosphere! The picture above is outside of Martin's BBQ, but it's basically just an excuse to post one of my cute outfits from the trip haha. I also heard Biscuit Love is AH-mazing, but the line was way too long when we tried to go there so we had to pass :(

The picture above is from the night we went to the Grand Ole Opry! So much fun and a great show! I highly recommend.

Another fun place to visit in Nashville is the Country Music Hall of Fame! They have lots of fun history, famous costumes etc and stories from famous country music stars.

Ok this last picture is from our RCA Studio B tour! Elvis Presley recorded over 200 songs here and famous country singers still record here today! It was awesome to learn the history and hear some of the songs recorded right where we were sitting!

ANYWAYS, if you're not already planning your next girls trip to Nashville, get on that would you?! Haha. It really was such a fun time and the perfect location for a girl's trip! Also, I wish I could take some of the credit for planning mine, but it was really all my mother-in-law! She plans the best girls trips every year, and I just get to share all of my favorite parts with you guys! Hope you enjoyed!

All of my outfits that are available are linked below :)

Cabo with Costco Travel

Regan here, feeling refreshed, relaxed, and motivated to start planning my next trip to Cabo!! 

My husband, Daniel, and I have made it a tradition to try to get away together for our anniversary each year.  Even if it's just a weekend stay-cation, we always try to do something and I love it!

This year we booked a trip to Cabo and it was the perfect getaway for us.  We left baby Cal with my parents (which was HARD), and spent 5 days in Mexican paradise ;)


We are currently saving for baby #2 (more on that later), so we didn't have a very big budget to spend on this year's trip.  Introducing your new best friend for booking your next vacation...COSTCO TRAVEL.

You're welcome in advance.

I couldn't believe how many of the people I've told about this have never heard of Costco Travel, so I knew I needed to #sharethegoodness. 

It's basically just a bunch of awesome deals on travel packages.  

Secrets Puertos Los Cabos

 was part of one of Costco's featured vacation packages at the time when we booked our trip (they feature certain packages when they have really good deals), and it included flights and a $300 Costco Cash Card.  We stayed at a Secrets resort in Cancun on our honeymoon and LOVED the resort (it's all-inclusive), so we went ahead and booked our trip to Cabo.

Swimsuit - TOP / BOTTOM

We LOVED Cabo.  My husband and I both decided we like Cabo better than Cancun. It's a quicker flight, and we just felt like the food and service was better quality.  I will say that the blue water and white sand beaches are better in Cancun, and one bummer about our resort was that the beach this time of year is not swimmable because the waves are too big.  BUT, overall, we had a great experience in Cabo.


Since our resort was all-inclusive (meaning unlimited food and drinks, all. day. long.), we only left the resort twice.  This was perfect for us, and just the relaxing trip that we had envisioned.  We hung at the pool for hours, took long walks on the beach, sipped (virgin) pina coladas, and ate unlimited amounts of chips & guac and the most delicious chicken quesadillas.  It was perfection.

The views at the resort were incredible.  There was a "party pool" (what we called it) and a quiet pool.  We stayed at the quiet pool which was pretty deserted most of the time and had the most gorgeous vanishing edge with an amazing view of the beach. Although the weather was SO hot, we felt like it was a great time to go to Cabo because the resort wasn't very crowded (this is also probably why we got such a great price).  And we stayed in the water all day anyways, so the heat didn't bother us!


We booked a snorkel excursion and explored Cabo San Lucas one day, which was really fun.  We booked it the day before just through the company at our resort, and probably could have shopped around a little more for a better deal, but had a great experience and felt like we got a decent price for everything it included.

A shuttle picked us up, took us to the marina in Cabo San Lucas, and we took a glass-bottom boat out to see the Cabo Arch.  We explored the pretty rock formations, then got to get out and snorkel.  We snorkeled for about an hour and then got dropped off at Lover's Beach and spent about a half hour there.  The water was so pretty and warm.  

Another cool thing about the snorkel excursion was that the tour guide followed us around while we snorkeled and took pictures of us on his GoPro (making all my snorkeling mermaid picture dreams come true ;).  He was so nice and gave us a CD of all the pictures at the end of the tour.

After the snorkel tour we had a couple of hours to explore Cabo San Lucas.  We walked around and shopped, and asked all of the locals where the best tacos were.  Multiple people referred us to Las Guacamayas and let me tell you, it did NOT disappoint.  SO GOOD.


On our last night we visited one of the most highly recommended spots in all of Cabo...Flora Farms.  Most of Cabo is pretty desert-y, but when you pull up to Flora Farms all you see is lush green farmland.  It's a little community that grows all of their own crops.  There's a cute little restaurant with live music playing, lots of adorable seating areas, some little cute shops, an ice cream stand, and pathways going through the gardens that you can explore.  The food at the restaurant was incredible.  So fresh and delicious.

Overall we loved Cabo, and are so glad we were able to spend this time together.  Huge thanks to my parents for taking such great care of Cal while we were gone.  We missed that little sweetie!

Let me know if you have any questions about our trip that I didn't cover.  I'd love to answer them!

Links to my swimsuits and coverups below :)

Cruising Alaska

Hey guys! Paige here to FINALLY share all the pics and details from our Alaska trip! It took me a couple weeks because real estate has been SO crazy since I got back, but I'm happy I finally found the time to get around to it! If any of you have ever thought about cruising Alaska, I highly recommend it! The trip was AH-mazing and definitely exceeded my expectations. If you're like me and think you'd way rather go somewhere warm and tropical on a cruise (hello Mexico and the Caribbean) think again! Alaska was BREATHTAKING and unlike anything I've ever experienced.

We did a Disney cruise (because MJ is the center of everyone's world right now haha) and the pictures and locations I've posted about are in order of where we stopped! I've also done a little review of the Disney cruise line at the bottom of this post with what I liked and didn't like about it :) AND of course, all of my outfits (and MJ's) are linked at the bottom as well. Enjoy! Feel free to email me with any questions if you're considering visiting Alaska yourself!

MJ on the plane :) Always fun having a toddler on a flight right!?...Luckily it was only a two hour flight :)


Our cruise left out of Vancouver and I wish we would have come in a day early to explore this city. It was so beautiful!

Day At Sea

Icy Straight Point

This was our first stop. Literally nothing here but a few houses and tourist shops, but it was breathtakingly beautiful! A lot of people did bear tours here, but MJ was too young so we just did a little tram tour through the mountains which was gorgeous. So much natural beauty!


In Skagway we took a train up to the top of a mountain with gorgeous views of glaciers, waterfalls, and rivers on the way up. Below is one of photos I took on the way up!

After that we got to see sled dogs in training and the cutest little Husky puppies which MJ loved!


Ok guys, this was by far my favorite day! Whale watching the first half, and cruising by an awesome glacier the second half...couldn't ask for anything cooler! (Pun intended).

I did not expect to be as excited as I was about seeing whales haha, but once I was THERE up close and personal I was so amazed! It was incredible seeing these whales up close in the wild.

Behind us in the photo below is the Tracy Arm glacier

The foam looking stuff on top of the water is ice!


Ketchikan was a GORGEOUS little fishing town again with NOTHING there besides some houses, a few places to eat, and some tourist shops. We did a boat tour here and had some of the best chowder I've ever had!

Disney Cruise Review

Overall I thought the Disney cruise was amazing, BUT there were a few things I could have lived without. For one, as expected, there were a TON of very energetic kids haha. And kid music. And kid dancing. While MJ loved it, if you don't have kids who can enjoy all of this, it can be a lot of "wiggle wiggle time" after a while lol! My favorite part for MJ though was the Disney characters! I thought he'd be afraid of them, but he loved them and it was so cute!

The only other downside in my opinion was that they kind of nickel and dime you. On other cruises I've been on, pretty much everything is included. On our Disney cruise we were all kind of surprised with some of the stuff they charged extra for!

Below is a picture from another part of the Disney cruise that I loved. They had a little enclosed splash pad area just for toddlers! Obviously it was cold on the cruise, but the water was heated so MJ loved it. Only kids 3 and under were allowed in this area so it was never too crowded which was nice!

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! You're a true friend haha. As I mentioned at the top of this post, if you're thinking about visiting Alaska yourself feel free to email me with any questions or ask away in the comments below!

Below are any of mine and MJ's outfits in this post available to buy :)

San Diego!

If you follow us on Instagram, it's no secret how much we LOVE San Diego.  It's where we grew up (and where we all secretly wish we still lived).  Luckily our parents and a lot of our family still live there so we visit every chance we get!

We wanted to put together a quick "local's guide" to San Diego listing the top things we always love to do when we visit.  Of course, there are always the well known spots to hit up like the San Diego Zoo and Sea World, but below are some of the less known places to see and, let's be honest, what we mostly do when we're down there, EAT ;)

We always make sure to get in at least one or two beach days and our favorite beach is Carlsbad beach on Beech Ave.  We usually set up right in front of the Beach Terrace Inn, which would be a great place to stay if you're visiting San Diego!

We always walk up to our favorite taco shop, Cessy's for lunch, which is just about a quarter mile from the beach and it's so delish!

(we may also be known for stopping at the Cold Stone on the way back too ;)

We've posted about how much we love Coronado before, but will say again that one of our other favorite things to do is ride bikes around Coronado.  We ride to the Hotel Del (another awesome hotel to stay at) and will take a break and grab a drink when we get there, then ride back to our favorite Coronado restaurant, Il Fornaio.  It has the prettiest view of the ocean and the food is unreal.

A few other cool spots to be sure to check out in San Diego are:

-La Jolla cliffs.  There are some great lookout points and even some cliff jumping (just Google La Jolla Cliff Jumping for those exact spots)

Torrey Pines Gliderpoint. There are tons of people hang gliding and paragliding here and it's fun to walk around and watch (or try if you're brave enough for that).

-Catch a Padres Game at Petco Park in downtown San Diego (and be sure to grab dessert at Ghiradelli :)

-If you're up for venturing up to Northern San Diego County, there are a couple of hole-in-the-wall food stops that we make sure to stop at without fail whenever we visit. 

Agrusa's Sandwiches (we promise you the best pastrami or turkey sandwich of your life)

Peterson's Donuts (plan on being in a sugar coma afterwards)

Let us know if you're visiting San Diego and ever have any questions, OR if you visit any of these spots! We'd love to hear what you thought!

Bear Lake 2017

Hey guys! So we just had a big Reilly family reunion in Bear Lake over the 4th of July weekend, and had SO much fun! Most of our family rented a house through Airbnb, and we stayed with Paige's in-laws who have a place there. We LOVE Bear Lake so much and wanted to share some of our pictures from the trip, as well as some pros and cons to visiting Bear Lake as a little travel guide for anybody thinking about visiting! And you all really's SO gorgeous!


Pro: One of the biggest pros about going to Bear Lake is how beautiful the water is! It's a gorgeous turquoise color and the water is just really clean and pretty.

Con: That being said, the water is always a little chilly even in the dead of summer which is a con for us (and any other wussies out there ;) For this reason, the best time to go is the end of July through the beginning of September, when the water has had time to heat up, and it's hot enough that you don't mind jumping in cool water!

Pro: Cute little lake town. Gorgeous scenery, quiet town.

Con: Not many food options! There's only one small market that often runs out of food on busy weekends, so make sure to get food in Logan on your way up so you're not stuck taking an hour long trip to the grocery store once you're up there!

Where to eat: As far as restaurants, La Beau's is the place to go for burgers and shakes! (Bear Lake is famous for their raspberry shakes). Bear Lake Pizza is also pretty tasty, and Cafe Sabor for Mexican food! (All of these are in Garden City which is where we stayed).

What to bring: Easy ups and coolers with drinks and lunch/snacks for the beach. Rent paddle boards and jet skis once you're there! The jet skis were such a hit.  The kids loved getting rides and we would just beach them when we weren't using them.

Check out this vid Sidney made of some of the highlights! We're pretty obsessed with out family.

Baby's First Flight - Paige's Humiliating Experience Flying on Delta

"The look" I got from the two passengers sitting next to me on my flight home from San Diego last week said it all. They were about as excited to be squished next to the lady with the baby in the back row of coach, as I was to be flying all by myself with an infant! Not thrilled. But, by the end of the flight, I'm sure they were kicking themselves for not requesting a seat change. Oh well. I don't blame them…their disdain was just an added bonus to my overall humiliating experience flying for the first time with MJ. Most of my embarrassment was thanks to my newborn's bowels and largely to Delta airlines! 

Side Note...I grappled over whether or not to write this post, but in the end decided that any embarrassment I felt was trumped by my desire to call out Delta, share what I've learned with other moms, and find out if anyone else has had a similar experience! (Please share in the comments below if you have).

So here's what happened...

I decided to go visit my parents in San Diego last week while my husband was out of town. I was super nervous about flying by myself with a new baby, but my parents hadn't seen MJ in a while, so I decided to take the plunge! As the weekend approached, I became more and more stressed out about flying alone with a baby. Every time MJ had a fussy period I pictured myself alone on an airplane with an unconsolable screaming baby. Nightmare! When it was finally time to go, I did everything I could to show up to the airport overly prepared (I'll share some tips I learned later) and the flight down actually went ok. Relieved, I started to feel a little more confident about the flight I would soon have to take back to Utah.  Unfortunately, my new attitude would be short lived. My flight home was a totally different story and left me feeling embarrassed, inadequate, and too angry/ashamed to ever fly alone (especially on Delta) again!  

It basically was all downhill from the beginning. First of all, I showed up to the airport once again all prepared (baby fed, changed, supplies ready, etc) only to discover my flight was delayed an hour and a half! Great. Hanging out at the airport by yourself with a baby strapped to your chest is awesome. When I finally get on the plane, I realize I'm seated in the very last row where the seats don't lay back…as if the space isn't already small enough for one person with a baby! I asked if there was any way I could change seats but the flight attendant said the plane was full. Bummer. Then as the flight starts to take off I see MJ make "the face" and a loud groan. Oh no! I know what's coming. And yep, I feel a little burst under my hand on his bum. Ok, at this point I'm in a little predicament I hadn't thought about when preparing for my flight. I'm in the window seat with hardly any space between me, MJ, and my big diaper bag stuffed full of gear on the floor. My infant now has a diaper full of poop that he either has to sit in for the next two hours, or I've got to change him. How do people change their babies on planes?! I've been on many flights and pictured the tiny bathrooms I've squeezed into when I just couldn't hold it. They don't have changing tables in there do they? There's no way I could imagine one fitting in that tiny space! Ok, so do I change him on the nasty toilette? Would I even fit in there with MJ and my diaper bag?? I looked over at the two already less than happy passengers sitting between me and the isle. They would literally both have to get up out of their seats and go into the isle for me to be able to fit through with MJ and our stuff. Then what if there's not even enough room to change him in the bathroom? I'll have to come back, make them both get up again, and get situated for the second time in my seat with a stinky baby. Not worth the risk, I decided.

Ok, option two. I sit there for the next two hours with a stinky baby. I won't have to bother the two people next to me, but my poor little guy will be sitting in poop for a while. Shoot, and he might get a diaper rash. Am I a horrible mom for caring more about what others think than my own baby? Plus, people might start to smell him and I'll annoy them anyways! Ok, that's out.

So people, I just went for it. Yep, I was that lady. I laid my baby down on my lap, unsnapped his little onesie, and opened that diaper up right there on my lap. To my surprise, it was just wet! "Oh good," I thought, and quickly put a dry diaper on. I slyly dropped the old diaper on the floor, and we were done. Glad that's over.

Unfortunately, things were just beginning. About two minutes later "the face", again. This time accompanied by an even louder grunting, and a definite poop explosion. Crap. (Literally). Ok, I guess we're doing this again. Last time wasn't so bad. Hopefully it's not too messy in there. I assume the position. MJ on my lap, onesie opened up, ready to go in. I see the woman next to me shoot me a glance like, "Seriously lady?! We've been on this 2 hour flight less than 15 minutes and you're changing your kid for the second time?! Right here on your lap? Nice". At least that's how I interpreted it. Probably about right. Anyways, this time MJ is a total mess. We've got a major situation going on inside this diaper. Gross. I finally awkwardly get him all cleaned up, and throw the second dirty diaper on the floor (what else was I supposed to do?). By this time I'm pretty sure not only the people on my row, but the surrounding rows as well would like a seat change. This is embarrassing. Then, to add insult to injury, when the flight attendants finally come by the isle with an open trash bag, I reach down, feel around for the diapers, grab them both with one hand, and reach across the two poor passengers next to me to drop the diapers in the trash. The male flight attendant holding the bag stops, looks at me, then keeps going as I hear the female flight attendant behind him say not so quietly "did she just hand you a diaper?!". He nods as they go around the corner. I can hear them whispering to each other since I'm in the very back row. "Yeah, she can't do that". A couple minutes later the male flight attendant comes back around the corner and loudly says, "Excuse me, ma'am?" so I can hear him from the window seat. This means everyone else can hear him too. "Was that a diaper you put in the trash bag I brought by?". Yes, idiot. Obviously! That's how I wish I would've responded. "Yeah," I said. "Well, just so you know, it's not sanitary to give us diapers to throw away. You should put them in the bathroom trash. We throw our trash away next to the food". WOW. As if I wasn't already embarrassed enough, now I was humiliated. "Oh sorry," I said, "this is my first time flying with a baby. I didn't know". "Ok, well now you know for next time". I wanted to cry. 

Delta...was that really necessary?! I know I have issues and probably didn't' make the best decision changing my baby's dirty diaper on my lap, but I still don't know what I'm supposed to do when I need to change my baby on a flight! Thanks for making my already stressful situation 10 times worse by making me want to crawl into hole or suddenly take up sky diving during your flight. That was humiliating. A tip for next time…at least wait until the other passengers are off the plane before embarrassing a first time mom trying to care for her baby!

Some Tips for Other Moms

Now, although I had an overall horrible first time experience flying with a baby, I did learn a few things I'd like to share with any other baby mamas out there. Some of these things I learned from friends with kids who gave me advice before my trip, and some I figured out on my own from this experience. Anyways, I hope these tips can help any other first time moms have a better experience flying than I did!

1. Wear Flip Flops

As you can see in my first picture, I made the mistake of showing up to the airport in over the knee boots. Not ideal for getting through security! Next time I'll be sure to wear flip flops or other shoes that can easily be slipped on and off.

2. Invest in a Baby Carrier

A must when traveling by yourself! I don't know how I would've gotten everything checked in and made it through the airport without one. You don't even have to take it off when going through security which is great. I have the Ergobaby 360 carrier, which is awesome, but MJ is a little too small to sit in it facing front. I wanted to be able to switch him around if he got fussy at the airport, so I ended up getting this Infantino carrier from Target for the trip because it was super  cheap (only $17.99!) and MJ could fit in the front or rear facing position. It's not nearly as comfortable as the Ergobaby 360 (which has great back support and makes baby feel super light), and it doesn't have the hip and back carry options, but for the price it worked great!   

3. Give Baby a Bottle or Pacifier When Taking Off and Landing

A friend told me this one and I'm so glad she did! Sucking or swallowing helps pop baby's ears so they don't hurt from the pressure when taking off and landing. I did this with MJ on both flights and it worked like a charm! He was a happy (although stinky) baby :)

4. Bring Ready Made Formula

If you're supplementing with formula, don't mess around with powder formula and having to make a bottle on the airplane. Buy the similac ready-made bottles so all you have to do is shake and pour! They'll let you bring the 8 ounce ones through security.

5. Don't Show Up Hungry

I didn't have time to eat with all the stress of getting everything ready and getting to the airport on time for my flight to San Diego. I figured I'd just grab something at the airport, but didn't account for the fact that I'd have a baby strapped to my chest the whole time. I got a sandwich on the way to my gate, but ended up only getting a few bites in because the tray table wouldn't go down all the way and it was hard to maneuver it eating over MJ. Moral or the story…don't show up hungry to the airport. Eat at home while you can still set down your baby!

I hope this helps any other new moms out there who might have to fly alone with their baby! I'd love to hear any other tips from seasoned veteran moms as well :) If you have a similar story, or any advice for what I should do next time I need to change my baby on plane, please share! I obviously need all the help I can get.

Summer Travels

We meant to post this sooner, but better late than never, right? ;) Those of you who follow us on Instagram may have seen that we recently traveled to New York and St. Thomas with our family! It was such a fun trip, and we thought we'd share some of our favorite pictures as well as where we stayed, favorite restaurants, and some of our favorite things we did/saw!


The first part of our trip was spent in New York. Most flights from San Diego (where part of our family was coming from) and Salt Lake City don't fly directly to St. Thomas, so we decided it would be fun to spend a few days in NY, since we had to make a stop on that side of the country anyways.  We spent three days there, which we thought was the perfect amount of time. And we definitely made the most out of the time we had. We visited all of the famous and monumental sites, experienced the underground subway system (probably more times than we would have liked - it's so hot and muggy down there this time of year), ate at least one slice of NY pizza per day, did a LOT of walking, rode bikes through Central Park, and saw Wicked on Broadway. 

We stayed at the JW Marriott which was such a great hotel! The location was unbeatable - right across the street from Central Park, and just a few blocks away from Times Square. Our rooms had the most gorgeous view of Central Park and the New York cityscape (insert heart eyes!!). There was also a little French bakery right around the corner called Petrossian Cafe. Our dad went over early every morning and brought back the yummiest croissants + fruit for us to eat - the chocolate, almond and apricot croissants were to DIE for. And there was a 24 hour pizza joint on the other side of the hotel, which we were obviously all about. We had a blast in New York! 

View from the JW Marriot

Times Square


From NY we flew to St. Thomas. The three of us had been on a Caribbean cruise before, but had never explored St. Thomas until now. It was amazing! We stayed at the Ritz Carlton Resort (we know, how lucky are we?!) which was so perfect. We had a three bedroom house where we all stayed together that was basically right on the beach. The resort had all kinds of water sports available to use, so we took advantage of that each day we were there. Snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, wind surfing, and sailing. We also visited some amazing beaches that are famous for their snorkeling spots. Linguist Beach and Magens Bay were UNREAL. White sand. Turquoise blue water. Just so beautiful. Then on our last day we chartered a boat that took us to some of the best beaches and snorkeling areas on St. John. I think we all agreed that this was our favorite part of the trip. We went to Cinnamon Beach, and Trunk Bay which were both just so gorgeous. Then we finished off the day at Christmas Cove. We saw TONS of sea turtles here. Christmas Cove also has a dive up pizza boat where you can order pizza, then pull your boat up and eat it right out on the water. And it was delish! Such a cool idea. Pictures below plus a little video Sidney put together from our trip. 

Linquist Beach

Magen's Bay

Iggies restaurant in St. Thomas! Good food and such a fun atmosphere.

Snorkeling in St. John!

Truck Bay on St. John

White sand beaches in our Triangl Swimwear

Our last morning in St. Thomas we had brunch at Mafolie Hotel & Restaurant with this amazing view.

And to top of an amazing vacation...Paige and her husband announced to the family that they will be welcoming in a BABY BOY in January 2015!! Get ready for some maternity posts coming to the blog in the months to come! ;)

We hope this was helpful if you're ever traveling to New York or St. Thomas! Check out the short video with some highlights from our trip, as well as some of our outfit details below!


As promised on our Instagram, below are some of our favorite cover ups and a few pictures from Paige's recent Maui trip. The three she's wearing are linked below as well as some others that we love!

The next few pics were taken at one of my favorite places to visit in Maui, called the Seven Sacred Pools. If you're planning a trip to Maui, I highly recommend going here! It's a short, very easy hike (if you want to even call it that) to the pools, and so worth it! 

The pictures below were taken around our hotel. We stayed at the Wailea Beach Villas. This is a beautiful hotel with a much more quiet and relaxed vibe than the Grand Wailea, which is right next door. 

I also thought I'd share two of my favorite restaurants in Maui! This first picture below was taken at Koa's Seaside Grill in Lahaina. We had lunch there and it was delicious! The last picture was outside Mama's Fish House ...definitely a must if you're in Maui! Both outfits are also linked below ;)

Hope you're enjoying your summer!


As you probably saw on instagram last week...Sidney is finally back!! We couldn't be more excited, and had a blast this last weekend in California celebrating her return. If you've read our about section, you know at least a little about her and what she'll be contributing to the blog. She's the healthy eating, athletic fire ball of the bunch. Definitely the coolest sister :-P Anyways, she'll be sharing her amazing work outs, healthy recipes, and much more! Stay tuned :)

Below are some pics from one of our favorite days last weekend at home. We went to Coronado and rode bikes, ate at our favorite restaurant, and hung out with the fam!

Paige: Top | Denim | Sandals | Hat

Regan: Top | Denim | Sandals | Glasses

Sidney: Top | Denim | Sandals | Glasses

We ended the day having dinner at our family's favorite restaurant. If you're in San Diego, we highly recommend Il Fornaio!



Paige: TEE: Banana Republic  // DENIM 1: Paige Denim  // DEMIN 2: Paige Denim  // SHOES: Sam Edelman  // BAG:Kate Spade // SUNGLASSES: Cole Haan (on sale!)

Regan : TOP: Sweet Rain from Soel Boutique // TEE: Vooray FLANNEL: Nordstrom // DENIM 1: AG (on sale!) // DENIM 2: Citizens of Humanity (on sale!) // SANDALS: Splendid // SUNGLASSES: Nordstrom // LIPS: MAC Cremesheen Glass 'Boy Bait'

We had the BEST time being home in California this Thanksgiving. It was 70-80 degrees all weekend, which made it SO hard to leave. Our family has these awesome tandem and single bikes that we took out one day and rode around San Diego. We definitely looked a little dorky with our whole family on our tandems riding through downtown, but it was so fun! We loved being in sandals and short sleeves all weekend ;-)

Here's to beach weather in November! Now back to the cold....