Sidney's Healthy Chocolate/Banana/Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Sid here. So, last month my team did a no-sweet November challenge and let me tell you, the struggle was real. The hardest part for me was overcoming my ice cream addiction. Unfortunately, my husband is equally if not more addicted to this heavenly stuff. Anyways, somehow I convinced him to go without it for the month of November with me because, you know, misery loves company.

To help us cope, I made up this healthy Chocolate/Banana/Peanut Butter "Ice Cream" recipe, and it's seriously so good! Couldn't have survived without it. 

It's super simple, and I want to share the recipe with all those who are also struggling with a deep love for ice cream...or simply want to be healthier :).  The key ingredient is the powdered peanut butter, and I recently discovered my new favorite brand for helping with portion control (I might be addicted to peanut better too)..crap! 

Crazy Richards 100% Natural Peanut Butter is my new go-to for smoothies, on top of toast, or just eating plain. I like to use the powdered peanut butter for smoothies or ice cream, and I love grabbing a single serving size packet of creamy peanut butter on the go when I'm in a hurry.  

All you do to make the ice cream is:

- add 1-2 frozen bananas to your blender

- pour in a packet or one serving size of powdered (or regular) peanut butter

- about a tablespoon of pure cocoa powder

-and 1-2 tablespoons of almond milk, depending on preferred consistency

Use the pulse setting on your blender to slowly pulse while stirring with a spatula until everything is mixed (see video below). And that's it!  Sometimes I'll put it in the freezer in a tupperware for a half hour or so if I'm doubling or tripling it to make the ice cream harder.  

Stay strong over the holidays people! You will NEVER regret choosing something healthy over something unhealthy. I feel dang good when I skip the sweets and go for nature's sugar instead ;) 

Sheet Pan Fajitas and Simple Guacamole

Well, hello! Regan here :) It's been a while since we've posted a recipe (or anything for that matter...whoops!).  Please forgive us!  

Today I'm sharing our sheet pan fajita recipe.  It's one of my favorite recipes because it's quick, easy, delicious and healthy!  My four favorite things in a recipe!  These fajitas are made in the oven and everything cooks together in one pan...genius!

Here are the simple step by step directions.  Scroll to the bottom for the full printable recipe!

Start by cutting up your peppers and onion.  Then thinly slice some chicken breasts. 

Then in a small bowl, stir together some olive oil and your spices!

Add your chicken and veggies to a bowl, then toss all together with the oil and spices mixture. 

Spread out evenly on a sheet pan, and throw it in the oven. 

While it's cooking, make your guacamole and prepare your toppings for the fajitas.  

This guacamole recipe (if you'd even call it that) is mine and my husband's go-to whenever we have company over (because who doesn't love quac, right??).  We always get compliments and it's literally the easiest to make.  

All you do is mash up your avocados, add a few spoonfuls of your favorite salsa, sprinkle over some garlic salt and a little pepper, and squeeze in a little lemon juice.  There aren't any measurements, so you kind of just have to keep tasting it until it's right.  

We recently discovered this salsa from Costco...and it's a game changer.  We've been using this as the salsa for the guacamole, and it's seriously SO good.  My brothers were over the other day and said it was the best guac they've ever had.  Exaggeration?  I don't think so ;)

After about 25 minutes, your chicken and veggies should be cooked through and smelling delicious.  

Serve with guacamole, sour cream, cilantro, cheese, and whatever other toppings you want.

And indulge...without feeling guilty because it's heathy!

Side note...I found these whole wheat tortillas at the store, and they were perfect for these fajitas!  Full recipe below.  Enjoy!

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Salty Blondes | Sheet Pan Fajitas

Sidney's Philosophy

Sidney here! I'll be sharing some healthy recipes/quick and easy food prep tips over the next several weeks on here and on our Instagram. But first I wanted to just share a little about what my diet consists of and why. My philosophy is simple, I believe in eating a whole food, plant-based diet. Lots of:




I believe that one of the keys to good health is eating as much REAL food as possible, the less processed the better! As a student-athlete, I am really busy and I have had to find ways to make healthy, good tasting meals that are quick and easy, for example, THINK FOODS LIKE:

Cold Cereal with Fruit.


Pancakes with Fruit.

(whole wheat, buckwheat, potato, etc.)

Vegetable and Bean Soups.


(boiled, mashed, baked, steamed, etc.) (Sweet, Idaho, russet, Yukon gold, etc.)


(whole grain wheat, rye, etc.)


(wheat, buckwheat, brown rice, etc.) 


(whole wheat, vegetables, tomato sauce, etc.) 


(whole wheat, vegetables, tomato sauce, etc.) 

Rice & Vegetable Dishes.

Beans, Rice, and Corn

Get Creative! Corn tortillas baked into chips!

Most grocery stores now have fresh, pre-cut veggies which make things way easier! You can just throw the veggies in a pan with some spices (I love Mrs. Dash) and cover for 5 minutes, add some canned beans and you've got a fast, tasty dish! I personally use onions (which create their own moisture) as the "oil" or a little balsamic vinegar and try to limit using oils. 

P.S. My favorite pans to cook with are these white ceramic pans. My sisters and I recently started using them when our grandmother got us each a couple of them, after she starting hearing that Teflon, or regular nonstick pans, are not good for you. Now, we aren't sure how true that theory is, but we do love using our new ceramic pans! They work really well and are much prettier than regular nonstick pans too ;)

Okay, now, meat. I personally don't eat a lot of meat, mostly because I ate a lot of crazy stuff while living in Indonesia and it kind of turned me off of it, haha. However, I think meat (preferably hormone and antibiotic free/grass fed) in moderation is fine. I don't think you need to eat it everyday, but eating it in moderation is perfectly okay (in my opinion). I also generally stay away from dairy because it isn't the best thing for me as a runner. It has been said that it encourages lactic acid build up in the muscles. 

I also believe that moderation in everything is key! Yes, I love veggies, but I also will eat ice cream, go out for pizza, and have midnight pancake parties with my roommates. It's all about balance and having good daily habits of eating healthy, allow for some not so healthy stuff every once and a while. 

Over the next several weeks I will be posting lots of quick, healthy recipes that actually taste good on Instagram so stay tuned!