Not Your Average Pumpkin Cookie

Paige here…I'll be writing this post so I can do a little bragging about Regan's major cooking/baking skills. They are seriously on point. Always! 

She'll be responsible for most of the delicious recipes we'll post on here from time to time....most, as in I have one :) Sad, I know, but my one recipe is pretty amazing ;) Coming soon!! 

For our first recipe we're going super cliche this October and sharing, you guessed it, our favorite pumpkin recipe! I know the internet is overloaded with pumpkin everything this time of year, but these cookies are seriously the bomb dot com. If you're going to make ONE pumpkin recipe, it needs to be these!

Basically all I'm good for…

Printable PDF Recipe

P.S. Here's a little fall decoration inspiration...if you're like me and are a little late getting out the decorations this year :)

Happy fall!