Top 5 Fall Activities in Utah

Fall is HERE and in Utah, it comes and goes way too fast. We hoped to get this post up sooner but…that’s life. Fall is SO pretty and fun and cozy here in Utah, and we always try to get in as many of our favorite fall activities as possible before it’s gone and everything is frozen over.

Salty Blondes Favorite Things to do in Fall

These are our top 5 favorite things to do/see/eat in Utah during fall/October:

1. Canyon Drives

First things first, go drive up into the mountains to see all the gorgeous fall colors. They are SO breathtaking and worth seeing up close. But hurry because the leaves are already starting to fall! Our favorite drives are the Alpine Loop and Guardsman Pass.

2. Cornbelly’s at Thanksgiving Point

This one is well-known and can be a ZOO (crowded) if you go on Friday nights or Saturdays, but it’s such a fun place for kids with so many different, fun things to do! Check the calendar HERE for the hours they’re open and different fun events they have. Be sure to get a bucket of warm chocolate chip cookies from the Cookie Coup 🙊🍪 SO YUMMY.

3. Brunch at Sundance

Okay, this is a great idea ANY time of year, but the colors and atmosphere up at Sundance are so fun and cozy in the fall. They also do a haunted lift ride that’s a fun date night idea! But their famous Sunday brunch is a must!

4. Pumpkin Patch

Going to the pumpkin patch is typically a fall tradition for most families, and Utah has some really cute ones that are great for kids! Some of our favorites are:

Jaker’s Jack-O-Lanterns - super inexpensive (only $3 for anyone ages 3 and older) and lots of fun activities that will keep your kids entertained for hours, including every kid’s favorite “corn pit.” Cornbelly’s has one too and calls it the “corn beach.” Basically just a giant pit full of corn for kids to play in. Super sanitary 👍🏻😜

Wilkerson Farm - during the summer this place is a cute little fruit stand type place that sells fresh produce, and during October they open their Fall Fair & Pumpkin Patch.

Petersen Family Farm - this place is a DREAM during the holidays for Christmas tree shopping, and is just as festive and cute during the fall!

Sunriver Gardens - our FAVORITE place for house plants/pots, home decor, and cute little gifts. They also have the most DARLING little set up for fall with pumpkins galore. Definitely check this place out in Orem!

Kuwahara’s Pumpkin Patch - the most Instagram-worthy of them all! So many cute spots for photos with pumpkin walls and nurseries and all the pumpkin color varieties your little heart desires.

5. Lagoon Frightmares

Utah’s one and only amusement park 😂 The only time we’ve been has actually been in October during their “Frightmares” season. They have haunted houses and scary people jumping out at you and it makes the whole experience of going to Lagoon just fun and festive for Halloween.

Although we do miss living in California (and probably vent about it way to much on Instagram), the seasons here in Utah make the holidays that much more festive and exciting! Let us know if we missed any fall must-do’s! We’d love to add them to our list!


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