Turn Out - New Years Resolution

We hope everyone has had a great start to the new year! This year we want to go in a different direction from the usual cliche New Year's resolutions (not that they're bad AT ALL)....because sometimes setting goals to eat super healthy, promise to go to the gym 6 days a week, and spend less time on social media are just not super realistic, and can leave us feeling unaccomplished when we fall short. 

We do have goals similar to the ones listed above, but this year we want to focus on just one in particular that we think is the recipe for true happiness, and something we really need to work on being better at.


This phrase actually came from our sister, the third Salty Blonde, who has inspired us in so many ways since she's been out serving the people of Indonesia. Read the email where she talked about this HERE.

We LOVE the phrase "turn out" and want to make it our motto and focus for 2015! What this means to us, is trying to spend less time turning our thoughts inward to ourselves. We want to avoid dwelling on our own problems, shortcomings, failures, and even our own successes! Also, wasting too much time comparing ourselves to others.

Instead, we want to try to turn our thoughts outward to others, thinking and noticing those around us, and the ways we can spread love and help others, even if it's in small ways. We know that to "turn out" our thoughts to others, and the good things around us, will help us forget our own problems and lead to a happier and more fulfilling, joyful life!

Hopefully this is something that we can become better at this year. We got a little crafty and made a cute reminder of this phrase to keep in our homes that we thought we'd share. We also asked one of our favorite Etsy shops, StoryBirdPrints, to make a cute printable with the phrase "turn out" that can be framed...find it HERE

Here's how to make our mirrored version…

First, use sticker letters to write "turn out" on an 8x8 mirror.

Next, spray the mirror with two coats of silver metallic spray paint (found here), followed by two more coats of gold spray glitter (found here).

When the paint is dry, carefully peel off stickers and place mirror in a cute frame! (You can find a frame similar to the one we used here).

If you'd like us to make and send you one, we'd be happy to! Just shoot us an email at saltyblondes@gmail.com 


Thanks for reading and happy 2015!