Salty Blondes

SaltyBlondes.com was created by three sisters from California, who are living in Utah.  The three of us have very different, yet distinctly unique talents and strengths, so we wanted to share them together in one place.  Paige has a knack for style and design.  Regan is our organizer, chef, and homemaker, and Sidney is our fitness guru.  She has the best workouts and clean eating tips around.  We feel we have a lot to share, and that’s exactly what we want to do!  #ShareTheGoodness is a phrase you’ll be seeing a lot on our various posts and social media outlets.  It’s a motto that we feel encompasses exactly what we want to accomplish here.  We hope with this site we are able to #ShareTheGoodness in our lives with others and bring some joy and goodness to your life as well.



The oldest and wisest… call me the OG ;)  I grew up in San Diego and moved to Utah after high school to attend BYU.  I almost graduated, but I decided to let Regan beat me to the punch just this once, so she wouldn’t always feel stuck in my shadow ;).  JK, I’ve been lucky enough to have two great jobs here that I’ve loved.  First, I worked as a personal stylist at Nordstrom for four years, and now I’m a real estate agent helping people find their dream home.  I studied interior design at BYU, which I’m able to use frequently when showing homes, by giving clients design ideas for potential homes and helping them visualize the space as their own.  While working at Nordstrom I met my now husband, Michael, who I’ve been married to for just over a year!  He has an amazing family, who we love spending time with, and we make it down to California as much as possible to see my awesome family as well.  Besides spending time with family, in my free time I love reading, watching documentaries (weird, I know), skiing, wakeboarding, hiking, and (of course) shopping.  That last one can at times be a problem, but I hope my bad habit can at least help others, now that I’ll be sharing some good finds!  Thank you for checking out our site, and I hope you enjoy following our discoveries and adventures.


Hi, I’m Regan :) I am the middle sister in the Salty Blondes trio.  I recently graduated from Brigham Young University in Physical Education Teaching/Coaching.  I am extremely passionate about staying healthy through exercise, and I have to be because I’m also a lover and consumer of all things sweet!  I love to cook and bake.  Growing up, I played sports, danced, and cheered.  I was invited to walk on to the BYU track team but decided to focus on school… and dating my now husband, Dan, who I married at age 19 (wow)!  Other things I enjoy are skiing, boating, beaching (is that even a word?), singing loudly (though I’ve often been told I’m tone deaf), and dancing around the house like a crazy person.  I LOVE getting out my decorations for holidays and creating Christmas lists the day after Christmas :)  I also love to clean and organize (I’m the OCD sister), which I guess you could say are some of my talents, along with shopping professionally ;).  Really though, having cute and pretty things in my closet is something that makes me happy, and I hope to be able to inspire our followers with some of our fashion ideas that we’ll be posting on this blog.  I also can’t wait to share some of our favorite recipes, fitness tips, and a look in to how we’ve decorated our homes, and much, much more.  Thank you so much for following along.  I hope you enjoy!


Meet Sidney. I think we all agree that she is the coolest sister of us all. We don't even know where to start because she has so many cool talents and interests. Sidney attended Brigham Young University last year, and was a heptathlete on the track and field team as a freshman. We have always been so jealous of the natural six-pack she's had since she came out of the womb, ha-ha. She also has her own videography business - filming and editing weddings, mission homecomings, mission call openings, promo videos, you name it. Check out her stuff here. After her freshman year at BYU, she decided to put everything on hold for 18 months and serve a mission for the LDS church. She is currently serving the people of Indonesia and will return home in April of 2015! We miss her so much and can't wait for her to get back. Sidney gets to email us once a week, and can call/skype us on Christmas and Mother's Day. Get ready for some intense fitness inspiration/workout videos/healthy lifestyle tips when she returns!


  1. You three beauties are so fun! You remind me of me and my two blonde sisters. Isn't being sisters AND blonde so much fun? The best, I'd say. ;) Looking forward to following you gals on your blog.

    1. Thank you! Blogging together has been so much fun! :)

  2. I just found your blog via instagram as you liked one of my posts (itsallaboutthatface). I decided to come have a look. I'm so glad I did. I love what your doing here, it's so refreshing to find LDS ladies showing us we can be fashionable on trend and modest too! You've found yourself a new follower from the UK.
    Thanks for the inspiration
    Eleanor :)

    1. Aw, thanks! We're so glad you like it :) thanks for following along!

  3. I just found your blog, and I'm obsessed! I love how y'all are all working together-jealous, too, because I don't have any sisters! Looking forward to reading more of y'all's posts!!


    1. Claudia! We somehow missed this comment, but wanted to thank you for following along! You're so sweet. Hope you enjoy!

  4. I love this! Where in Utah do you ladies live?! Come to Jackson and let's collaborate!