Thursday, August 10, 2017

Cruising Alaska

Hey guys! Paige here to FINALLY share all the pics and details from our Alaska trip! It took me a couple weeks because real estate has been SO crazy since I got back, but I'm happy I finally found the time to get around to it! If any of you have ever thought about cruising Alaska, I highly recommend it! The trip was AH-mazing and definitely exceeded my expectations. If you're like me and think you'd way rather go somewhere warm and tropical on a cruise (hello Mexico and the Caribbean) think again! Alaska was BREATHTAKING and unlike anything I've ever experienced.

We did a Disney cruise (because MJ is the center of everyone's world right now haha) and the pictures and locations I've posted about are in order of where we stopped! I've also done a little review of the Disney cruise line at the bottom of this post with what I liked and didn't like about it :) AND of course, all of my outfits (and MJ's) are linked at the bottom as well. Enjoy! Feel free to email me with any questions if you're considering visiting Alaska yourself!

MJ on the plane :) Always fun having a toddler on a flight right!?...Luckily it was only a two hour flight :)


Our cruise left out of Vancouver and I wish we would have come in a day early to explore this city. It was so beautiful!

Day At Sea

Icy Straight Point

This was our first stop. Literally nothing here but a few houses and tourist shops, but it was breathtakingly beautiful! A lot of people did bear tours here, but MJ was too young so we just did a little tram tour through the mountains which was gorgeous. So much natural beauty!


In Skagway we took a train up to the top of a mountain with gorgeous views of glaciers, waterfalls, and rivers on the way up. Below is one of photos I took on the way up!

After that we got to see sled dogs in training and the cutest little Husky puppies which MJ loved!


Ok guys, this was by far my favorite day! Whale watching the first half, and cruising by an awesome glacier the second half...couldn't ask for anything cooler! (Pun intended).

I did not expect to be as excited as I was about seeing whales haha, but once I was THERE up close and personal I was so amazed! It was incredible seeing these whales up close in the wild.

Behind us in the photo below is the Tracy Arm glacier

The foam looking stuff on top of the water is ice!


Ketchikan was a GORGEOUS little fishing town again with NOTHING there besides some houses, a few places to eat, and some tourist shops. We did a boat tour here and had some of the best chowder I've ever had!

Disney Cruise Review

Overall I thought the Disney cruise was amazing, BUT there were a few things I could have lived without. For one, as expected, there were a TON of very energetic kids haha. And kid music. And kid dancing. While MJ loved it, if you don't have kids who can enjoy all of this, it can be a lot of "wiggle wiggle time" after a while lol! My favorite part for MJ though was the Disney characters! I thought he'd be afraid of them, but he loved them and it was so cute!

The only other downside in my opinion was that they kind of nickel and dime you. On other cruises I've been on, pretty much everything is included. On our Disney cruise we were all kind of surprised with some of the stuff they charged extra for!

Below is a picture from another part of the Disney cruise that I loved. They had a little enclosed splash pad area just for toddlers! Obviously it was cold on the cruise, but the water was heated so MJ loved it. Only kids 3 and under were allowed in this area so it was never too crowded which was nice!

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! You're a true friend haha. As I mentioned at the top of this post, if you're thinking about visiting Alaska yourself feel free to email me with any questions or ask away in the comments below!

Below are any of mine and MJ's outfits in this post available to buy :)


  1. Such a Great read makes me want to head back to Alaska

    1. Thanks!! It was an amazing trip! You definitely should :)

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