Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wedding Season - What to Wear

In honor of Sidney's wedding coming up this weekend (what?!), we thought we'd post a couple summer wedding attire ideas! Wedding season is in full force, and what's worse than having nothing to wear or having to worry about going out and buying something new each time a friend or family member gets hitched?! We're so over worrying about what to wear, and wanted to show a couple easy outfits that work as wedding attire, but also can be worn over and over again as daytime dresses or church outfits. 

Dress up a more casual skirt and basic top with a fancy statement necklace to make your outfit look more formal…

Choose a flowing knee length, fun summer dress that you can dress up with pumps or dress down with a cute sandal wedge…

We don't know about you, but our favorite type of weddings are ones that double as full blown dance parties, so we like to wear things we can move around in! Being able to "drop it low" if we feel so inclined is obviously important, so we don't want to wear anything too short or too tight to avoid flashing our fellow wedding goers! Just something to think about ;)

Anyways, thanks for reading! All outfit details are linked below :) Hope you all are having a great start to your summer!

Paige: Skirt (on sale! 50% off) | Top | Shoes | Necklace

Regan: Dress (on sale) | Shoes (also here) | Glasses | Necklace | Bracelets (here, here)


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