Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Adding a flannel tied around the waist can add so much to any outfit. Not only do they create an extra layer and added style to a basic tee and jeans or dress, but they are also super flattering and can be used as a cover up when tied around the waist. We'll actually be talking about this more in a future post!

Today we wanted to show how verstitile a flannel can be. Below are two looks showing how easily you can dress a flannel up, or wear it casual. Express has some awesome oversized plaid shirts right now at great price points! Links to all outfit details and some of our favorite flannels are below! 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Baby's First Flight - Paige's Humiliating Experience Flying on Delta

"The look" I got from the two passengers sitting next to me on my flight home from San Diego last week said it all. They were about as excited to be squished next to the lady with the baby in the back row of coach, as I was to be flying all by myself with an infant! Not thrilled. But, by the end of the flight, I'm sure they were kicking themselves for not requesting a seat change. Oh well. I don't blame them…their disdain was just an added bonus to my overall humiliating experience flying for the first time with MJ. Most of my embarrassment was thanks to my newborn's bowels and largely to Delta airlines! 

Side Note...I grappled over whether or not to write this post, but in the end decided that any embarrassment I felt was trumped by my desire to call out Delta, share what I've learned with other moms, and find out if anyone else has had a similar experience! (Please share in the comments below if you have).

  So here's what happened...