Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Best Baby Products - 2016 Review

Hey guys! Paige here to do a highly requested post on all my favorite new baby products. I have a lot of the latest products and gadgets - some I got from blog collaborations, and some I spent my hard earned money on, justifying needing everything since this is only my first child and I'd use them on all my kids! Anyways, now that I'm broke I thought I might as well let everyone else know what's worth it and what's not in my opinion :)

Below is a list of some of the hottest new baby products currently on the market in order of my most to least favorite!

1. Halo Bassinet 
This is by far my number one favorite baby product. It goes right next to your bed, and swivels right over to you so you don't even have to get out of bed for night feedings. The one I got is linked above. It's the least expensive one with just a pocket on the side to hold diaper, wipes etc. There are more expensive versions that come with things like night lights and music, but I didn't think I'd use that stuff and this one has been great for me!

2. 4moms Infant Tub
The BEST baby bathtub on the market. MJ hated baths until we started using this! It circulates the water constantly so there's clean water coming in and the dirty water flows out (which is much needed since they always pee in the water), AND it comes with a thermometer attached that beeps if the water gets too hot and goes blue if it gets too cold!

3. Cake Nursing Bra
Ok this is actually a mom product, but it's the most comfortable nursing bra ever! I tried on a bunch at target and Nordstrom, and this is the only one I ever wear. I got it in tan and black :)

4. Owlet Monitor
You may have heard of the Owlet baby monitor by now. It's an awesome new product on the market that monitors baby's heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep! It sends the info straight to your smart phone which will go off if there are any unhealthy changes. I was so paranoid when I first brought MJ home from the hospital and this product was the only way I could sleep at night! The only down side is that my baby is a little squirmy at night, so sometimes it will disconnect and alert me so I have to get up more often and adjust it on him. Overall though great product!

5. Soothe Shirt
This is one of the items I got through the blog and I love it. It's a shirt and baby carrier combined with a little pocket in front that baby fits perfectly into. I use it all the time and sometimes feel like it's the only way I can get anything done :)

6. Nuna Carseat/Stroller Travel System
Obsessed with this travel system. Especially the carseat! It has a sleeper shade that pulls down and covers the whole thing to keep out harsh weather, germs, or just to let baby sleep. It goes with the Nuna Tavo stroller which is great as well. Only down side is they are a little pricey. But hey, I figured the stroller/carseat is what goes everywhere with you right?! It's like your everyday bag or accessory. Worth spending the money on a good one!

7. Diaper Genie
The diaper genie is great for locking in odors and keeping your nursery smelling nice! Downsides are it was kind of a pain to put together, and you have to keep buying the diaper genie bag refills which can get a little expensive. If you're on a budget you can probably go without this one!

8. 4moms mamaroo
Ok, I was so excited about the mamaroo and still do love it out in my house. The only reason it's lower on the list is that I might just like it more than my baby does haha. He likes it fine but not any more than the much less expensive swing a friend of mine bought for me to keep upstairs. It's still pretty awesome to be able to control it from your phone, and I love how modern it looks out in my living room. If you want to go less expensive on something however, this would be it :)

9. Wipes Warmer
Yeah I thought I needed this, and I do use it, but I really don't think my baby cares either way! He is just fine when we're not at home and I have to change him with regular old cold wipes haha, and sometimes he fusses when being changed with the cold ones anyways!

Another mom product. I heard great things about this post pardom belly wrap, but I think any less expensive one would do the trick. Honestly who knows if they really do anything. I felt like breastfeeding is really what made my stomach go down! Some people swear by them though. I'm just not one of them. I really didn't feel like it made much of a difference.

I hope this is helpful for any new mamas and mamas-to-be out there! 


  1. Thanks for sharing! Baby #2 is due in May and this list is super helpful :)

    Xo Raina

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