Monday, July 6, 2015

Juice up! 3 day Juice Cleanse Reviews...

When Sidney returned from her mission she decided to try one of the recently popular 3 day juice cleanses. After eating off the streets of Indonesia for 18 months, she returned home with a lot of digestive issues and about 10 lbs of extra weight. She started right back in on a workout plan to get back in shape, and decided to try a 3 day juice cleanse to kick start a healthy eating plan, body detoxification, and weight loss....

The first juice cleanse she tried was the 3 day Suja cleanse. Suja juices are all organic and cold pressed, and this company is based out of California. You can find their 3 day juice cleanse boxed and for sale at many Costo's in CA for an amazing price of $22.99. There are 3 juices for each day, and Sidney did this cleanse without any additional food.

The morning juice is a spicy lemon, cayenne paper mix which is actually not bad tasting but pretty spicy. The afternoon drink is a vegetable and greens mix, which is not great tasting but not terrible either. The third drink is something to look forward to and is a delicious mix of almond milk, mashed banana and coconut meat. Tastes likes a treat! After 3 days Sidney felt great! She still had plenty of energy, her digestive problems were better, and she had lost 6 pounds. Below are her before and after pictures from a couple days after she returned home from her mission, to just 10 days later, after the juice cleanse.

After having such great results with her first cleanse, when Sidney visited Utah a couple weeks later, she decided to do another 3 day cleanse, this time with Regan. This time we tried juices that were custom made from home by DI.Vine Juice.   These juices are a little more pricey, but are sooo good! It was hard to believe we were drinking vegetables! We actually had to call and ask if there was any added sugar because the juices were all so sweet! The only one that had any sweetener (agave) was the Chia Lime, which was our fav! You can choose the juices you want from the variety on the website, and can also choose your difficulty level, meaning the harder you go, the more veggies and spices are added compared to fruits. These juices were in smaller bottles, so there were six of them for each day. We each lost about four pounds on this cleanse.

We would highly recommend a 3 day juice cleanse! It's not hard to make it through the 3 days, and there are so many benefits! This is a way to give your body a good detox and flood it with nutrients, while helping to reset bad eating habits and curb cravings. The weight loss is a good confidence builder and jump start into a long term healthy eating plan. It's also so easy to stay on the plan for 3 days when the juices are already there and ready! It was a nice three day break from planning meals! We would highly recommend either of these 3 day plans! Happy juicing :)


  1. Sounds great! I'm sold and am going to try one! Thanks for the tips!

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