Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holiday Lips

There's something about the holidays that makes us want to go bright and bold with our lip color. Maybe it's all the glittering lights and festive decorations, but if there is ever a time to break out the bright lipstick, it's the Christmas holidays. Bold lipstick dresses up any outfit and even makes you feel more confident and cheerful! Almost everyone looks great with bright lips, the trick is to find the perfect shade.

For this post we just had to feature Paige's cute sister-in-law, Noelle. She has the kind of gorgeous, full lips that people pay money for and we can't help but be a little jealous! All her lips need is lip balm and gloss...but for those of us who weren't blessed with natural, full lips, we need to add liner to make ours stand out. We like to add the liner around the very outside of our lips, then use the side of the liner to fill them in a little and blend it. Then we add our lipstick or gloss to the inner part of our lips. 

Below are our top three favorite shades for the holidays and coordinating lip pencils, as well as a short video tutorial to show you the best way to apply :) 

Noelle: Balm: Eos // Gloss: NYX 'Dolly Pink'
Regan: Liner: MAC 'Vino' // Lipstick: MAC 'Rebel'
Paige: Liner: Smashbox 'Ruby' // Lipstick: Smashbox 'Firecracker'


  1. Love this color! I'm always in the hunt for new lipstick!

  2. I have never put lip balm on before lipstick ( unless my lips are kind of dry) should I always? It won't make the lipstick wear faster?

    1. Hi Amber! So I (Regan) can't stand the feeling of not wearing lip balm, and we both like to use it to blend our liner, BUT it's totally preference. Obviously if you're wearing a matte lipstick you don't want to use balm first, but if you want it to look a little more glossy then I love using lip balm. It probably does make it wear faster though. Hope that helps!

  3. Oh ya know... Just trying to figure this whole blogging world. Little pros you.